Travelport Mobile Agent has been on the market for almost four years now and no one imagined in the beginning that so many travel agents all over the world would use it. However, the hope/vision of such an accomplishment has always been there. It all started with the idea of changing people’s lives for the better and whenever that happens the satisfaction is indescribable.

Now and then we reach to our travel agents who are keen on using the Travelport Mobile Agent application. Every time we do this, there’s always feedback that takes us by surprise, like the one we are about to share with you below, which got us inspired to share it with our readers too. We are grateful to all our customers who take the time to give us their invaluable feedback. smiley

“Travelport Mobile Agent is simply the best and most wonderful thing that has happened in the twenty two years I have been involved in the travel industry. We all know that new software and upgrades often make things more difficult and more complicated. When Travelport Mobile Agent was launched, it was one of the rarities which immediately make life better.

These days clients expect my office to follow me wherever I go. They assume I have access to the GDS 24 hours a day, no matter where I am. Before Travelport Mobile Agent existed, for six or seven years I used an app on a mobile phone to remotely access Galileo on a desktop computer in my office, which was slow, fiddly, and also fantastically complicated to set up successfully. (For example, when I set up buttons in the toolbar to access the PF keys on the desktop, I had to redesign the available toolbar buttons in Galileo myself, so that I could tell which button did what). Now my PF keys are in the cloud and available wherever I need them.

Just one example of Travelport Mobile Agent in action: yesterday afternoon I had to leave the office temporarily, to collect my son from school. When I was standing in the playground, a client called to tell me that she had given me the wrong name for a passenger, who was trying to board a flight in Botswana, with only 45 minutes to departure. With Travelport Mobile Agent I was able to quickly insert a message in the booking with the correct name, and the passenger boarded the flight. Without Travelport Mobile Agent, he would have had to fly 24 hours later.

TTS Support is also great. On the one occasion I had an issue, I got an immediate response, and a quick resolution.

I  would recommend Travelport Mobile Agent to all agents (and I often do). “

Chriss Scott, Senior Business Travel Specialist @ Scott’s Travel Management

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