Good news everyone!!

We’ve just released the version 3.0 of Travelport Mobile Agent with great new features and upgrades.

At TTS we design new features or upgrade existing ones with the customer in mind, testing every step of the way to measure how our solution enhancements impact the users. With Travelport Mobile Agent 3.0, we are delivering more elegance and more simplicity. 

That is why we always refine our solutions, transforming complicated processes in intuitive workflows. The upgraded version 3.0 of Travelport Mobile Agent reflects just that. Below are some of the important changes:

  • Improved interface
  • Enhanced responses that improve the data provided by the GDS
  • Faster GDS response to command entries
  • Customizable quick keys, to which users can add the keyboard characters they wish
  • Double terminal window that allows users to view two terminal windows at the same time
  • View Trip integration that allows travel agents to open the view trip page of a Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Newsfeed highlighting the most relevant articles from TTS and online magazines from the travel industry
  • Continuity functionality that allow users to have their work synchronized between all devices, mobile and desktop

Our commitment to improve a tool that is indispensable for the travel agents is and will always be the same. For all the travel agents out there, we hope you enjoy the new Travelport Mobile Agent 3.0!

If you want to learn more about how Travelport Mobile Agent came to life, the whole story behind the app, go here!

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Take a look at the promo video!