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Email Templates

We live in a world where time is getting ever more precious and every minute counts in the day-to-day of a travel agent’s life. A world that should have more hours in order to answer every client’s request; a world where travel agencies yearn for better results regarding their productivity; a world where travel agencies feel the need to present a more thoughtful image to their clients.

That is why TTS created a new add-on for Travelport Mobile Agent, to help travel agents make the most of their time and improve their customers’ experience on the go.

Email Templates add-on allows Travelport Mobile Agent’s users to customize different emails with information from a wide variety of segments and have them ready to send to their clients when the time comes. Whether it’s a budget proposal, a cancellation, a reservation or any other type of document they need to send, it’s as simple as clicking a button.

Email Templates add-on is available for Apollo and Galileo GDS.

customize the emails to your clients

Brand the communications sent to your clients and customize them for different occasions: romantic trips, quick city escapes, business trips, etc. By saving the different templates and have them ready to be sent at any time you will improve the customer experience and enhance your agency’s branding since you put out a more thoughtful and professional image of your business.

available for TTS Web Agent

By subscribing to the Email Templates add-on you will also be able to use it in TTS Web Agent. Switch from Travelport Mobile Agent on your smartphone or tablet to TTS Web Agent on your laptop or desktop and start using Email Templates right away.

try it for free

All active users and new licenses can experience the Email Templates add-on for free within their first month in order to feel its benefits and decide if they want to keep using it in the future. Try it for free with your clients and see how much time it can save you and what effect does it have on both the productivity and the image of your business.

Email Templates add-on price

Email Templates add-on can be subscribed for only 1USD/ 1EUR/ 1GBP/ 1CAD per month.


Throughout your first free month, you will receive alerts in Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS Web Agent reminding you to activate the add-on. Just follow the steps indicated in the message to activate the Email Templates add-on. You can also activate the add-on anytime in the future by clicking the ‘+E’ symbol on your GDS. If you experience any trouble please send an email to

The Email Templates add-on will have a monthly cost of only 1USD/ 1EUR/ 1GBP/ 1CAD (depending on your market) and will be billed annually.

We will keep the same payment methods available as for Travelport Mobile Agent: debit/credit card or Paypal.