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The Direct add-on is the perfect solution for any IATA agency/host agency that is trying to make business with agencies that don’t use Travelport GDS or that don’t have any GDS at all.

The Direct add-on allows IATA agencies/host agencies to easily add sub-agencies/independent agents that don’t have any GDS to their portfolio and it will also work for those who use a different GDS provider than the one the IATA is using.

A Direct agency has the same kind of operation and privileges than any other non-IATA agency/independent agent. Since the Direct agency will always be working under the same PCC as the IATA agency/host agency it’s immediate to add or remove new agencies.

allows IATAs/host agencies to:

  • Reduce costs and speed up the implementation process
  • Grow your market share
  • Promote your services to a wider audience
  • Increase retention
  • Improve risk management and autonomy

allows sub-agencies/independent agents to:

  • Have a direct contract with an IATA agency/host agency and do business even if they don’t have a GDS provider contract
  • Have connections with IATA agencies/host agencies using different GDS providers
  • Provide a better service to a wider range audience


If you’re interested in this new add-on please let us know by sending an email to sales@tts.com so we can begin the process of implementing this add-on to your account.

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