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Smartpoint Plugin

Smartpoint Plugin allows sub-agents / independent agents to access features of TTS Consolidator directly in Travelport Smartpoint

TTS Consolidator Smartpoint Plugin allows sub-agency users/ independent agents to use TTS Consolidator’s features without leaving Travelport Smartpoint:

  • The login in the plugin is made using TTS Consolidator credentials;
  • Issue PNRs according to the business rules established in TTS Consolidator;
  • Check available credit;
  • Check transactions.

What’s in it for you?

It offers consolidators/host agencies the mechanisms to set, manage and keep track of each sub-agency/independent agent credit, giving total control to the consolidators regarding the risk they are willing to take per non-IATA agency.

Its graphical and intuitive experience, the automation and control minimize structure costs and reduce the need for specialized human resources for both parties, consolidators/host agencies and non-IATA agencies/independent agents.

The system issues only guaranteed fares which will contribute to improving quality and to reducing errors and ADMs.

The ticketing automation and the fact of being a web-based solution, making it accessible 24/7, allow sub-agents/independent agents to work whenever suits them best while releasing consolidators/host agencies’ team from manual, bureaucratic and time-consuming processes.

Improves the service consolidators/host agencies offer to the sub-agencies/independent agents and enables sub-agencies to provide a better service to their customers, allowing them to match the service of IATA agencies thus increasing business opportunities.

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