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Standard Features
50 users per company

unlimited companies

no credit card required

no minimum time commitment

and over 50 additional features

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50 additional users: 15 USD / month per company

250 additional users: 50 USD / month per company

500 additional users: 75 USD / month per company

1000 additional users: 100 USD / month per company

Travelport GDS Core Flights: Free

Travelport GDS Core Hotels: Free

Travelport GDS Core Rent-a-Car: Free

Low-Cost Flights: 3 USD / issuance

Features & Services
Agency Branding: 100 USD / month

Regions: Free

Travel Policies: 40 USD / month per company

Private Fares: 10 USD / month per company

Remarks & Backoffice Integration: 5 USD / month per company

Offline Requests: 5 USD / month per company

1250 Managed Services Credits Pack: 50 USD / 1250 credits pack

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