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If you feel like going through the list, there are dozens of features within TTS WebAgent. To make it easier for you, we’ve organized a PDF for you to see or download and keep as a reference. Keep in mind this document gets updated regularly.



iframe quick integration

Supports full integration with Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan GDS.

Runs on Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux. Save

Intuitive experience focused on providing travel agents with a web-based easy and fast GDS work environment for desktop and laptops.

Travel agents use their own GDS credentials to log in at TTS Web Agent (SON/BSI and PCC/SID). No need to remember additional login credentials.


customizable environment

The application lets users store their SON/BSI and PCC/SID. This way, users can log in faster but continue to keep their password mandatory for login.

Enhanced results can be turned on or off allowing users to choose between a richer terminal or the standard one.

This option allows users to choose the behavior that history commands execution will have: auto executable on click or copied to the input command box.

When activated, the Terminal Right Panel is always open which means it will not close when you run a command from the panel.

Users can adjust the font size.

Users can activate/deactivated on the application specific news providers.

Settings like Enhanced results, Auto-execute history, and News providers are stored in the cloud allowing synchronization between TTS Web Agent and devices with Travelport Mobile Agent.


working fast

Supports all GDS Core commands allowing travel agents to have full access to GDS content and operations.

Quick GDS response to command entries offers travel agents a fast work environment.

Brings enhanced GDS responses that allow agents to perform actions and access related information without leaving the screen and just by clicking on-screen links.

*Enhanced GDS responses may differ depending on the GDS

Integration of Rich Content & Branding which is accessed via Fare Shopping results. This additional price information allows:

  • quick access to the benefits and restrictions of each price;
  • easy access to other fares available for a flight combination;
  • access to additional airline content like photos and services.

Apollo users have a “pillow” (¤) quick key next to the command line to make it more accessible.

It allows users to change devices and pick up where they left off, meaning that users can start a reservation at Travelport Mobile Agent in their smartphone and finish it on their laptop with TTS Web Agent, without having to EndTransact before changing devices.

Travel agents can access and view two terminal windows at the same time.

Masks are built directly in the terminal by adding fields in the terminal window, allowing travels agents to fill in the relevant data and submit it back to the GDS host.

To improve the interaction with the GDS TTS Web Agent offers linked commands, allowing the travel agent to click on screen commands to execute them instead of having to write them in the command line. E.g. when we display a PNR with a previously created FF, if the travel agent wants to check the fare, instead of typing *FF, he just needs to click on the link on the screen to get it immediately executed.

It speeds up travel agents work, by allowing travel agents to store and execute GDS commands without having to type the full command. It supports PKeys creation, edition, and deletion. It can be used to store simple and complex entries. Complex PKeys (Programmable Keys) are handled with variables and when this type of PKeys are executed TTS Web Agent will prompt the user for the variable values and execute the final command based on the user’s input.
As an example, let’s say we want to store the availability command to search flights between London and New York on a PKey. We can define the PKey as “A %DATE% LON NYC”. By defining “DATE” as a variable, when the PKey is executed Travelport Mobile Agent will ask for the DATE.

PKeys are stored in the cloud meaning that when a travel agent creates, edits or removes PKeys in TTS Web Agent or Travelport Mobile Agent those actions will be available in both applications in all devices.

History lists the latest commands used by the travel agent either in TTS Web Agent or Travelport Mobile Agent, allowing him to execute them again without typing.Navigate between command history ​with up and ​down keys.

My PNRs keeps at hand the latest PNRs created/opened/changed by the travel agent either in TTS Web Agent or Travelport Mobile Agent. For better insight, the list shows the PNR code and the passenger’s name.

The area where all queues containing PNRs are displayed. The list shows the Queue Number and the total number of PNRs in the queue. When the user clicks on one of the queues, the app shows the list of PNRs (PNR Code & Passenger Name), allowing the Travel Agent to access one specific PNR without having to loop through the queue.

This feature allows the user to browse through previous screens. When the user chooses a previous screen he will be able to view its content and select text to copy/paste.

Allows travel agents to open the ViewTrip page of a PNR. If a PNR is active, the app will open immediately the ViewTrip link correspondent to the PNR opened, otherwise it will open the latest PNR that has been accessed.

Integration with eNett VANs.

Terminal selected content can be copied to the clipboard to be sent by email or to a printer.

Users can easily email the terminal screen content or all available content. All available content means that if there are more pages available on the host, all content will be emailed.

Users can print the terminal screen content or all available content. All available content means that if there are more pages available on the host, all content will be printed.


what’s on the travel industry

Offers a news feed from the most relevant travel industry online magazines and from TTS so travel agents can easily access a news center about their industry.

News access does not require login. Travel agents can access travel industry even if they are not connected to the GDS.


staying connected

Access to TTS social media channels.

TTS Web Agent includes content about TTS, Travelport and TTS Products.

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