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Calendar Search

Calendar Search Add-On allows TTS WeBook users to visualize a more flexible search criteria, allowing them to:

  • view available lowest rates per day
  • save money
  • flexibility while searching
  • be able to decide the best deal for their availability and expectations

We believe this new add-on can improve TTS WeBook clients relationship with their users by showing attentiveness to their traveling needs and what is important to them when booking their trips. Nowadays it’s important to give users all the tools for them to make a more informed online purchase and that is the purpose of this new available feature for TTS WeBook.

flexible search criteria

By clicking the ‘best price/calendar search’ option, TTS WeBook users can see the best flights in both round and one-way trips and decide according to their flexibility.

user-friendly calendar search

TTS WeBook users can now find the lowest fares available for the days around their chosen dates, granting them an user-friendly and easy-to-use calendar to book their trips.

improving our clients’ business

This add-on will guarantee a more significant customer service and a stronger online presence while keeping in touch with nowadays travelers’ needs.

Calendar Search add-on price

Calendar Search add-on can be subscribed for only 200 USD/year.


All you have to do is send an email to asking us to activate the add-on.

TTS WeBook Calendar Search add-on will have an annual cost of 200 USD.

We will keep the same payment methods available as for TTS WeBook: debit/credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

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