“What I truly enjoy about Travelport Mobile Agent is both the ease and rapid response of the system. Using near intuitive software, it allows quick access and constant updates of my entire office’s PNR’s. Utilizing a large variety of tools, it gives me the confidence to manage all of my reservations no matter where or what I am doing.” – Mark Feldman, CEO @ Ziontours Jerusalem

“As a home based retail travel agent with interaction with clients in their own environment I find Travelport Mobile Agent the perfect ‘on the go’ tool to allow me access to my GDS/Galileo anywhere, anytime and it’s peace of mind to know whatever I am personally doing I am al- ways able to rebook my travellers or help them 24/7.” – Robyn Sinfield, Manager @ Home Travel Company 

“Customer service is key and in today’s fast paced world Travelport Mobile Agent allows instant access to our booking and data, 24/7, enabling us to extend our service proposition and increase customer satisfaction.” – Anne Bromley Corporate Director @ Travel Bureau

“I have been using Travelport Mobile Agent for well over a year. It has revolutionised the way I work. As a one man business, this makes getting away so much easier and less stressful. I can check queues, make bookings and changes pretty much whatever I can do at my desk but “on the go”. I have it on my IPad and no longer lug my laptop wherever I go. I can still work even whilst waiting for a doc- tor’s appointment. I can highly recommend this handy app.” – Pip Abbott, Travel & Manager @ Veritas Events 

“It’s easy. It’s mobile. It’s user friendly. It’s ready for you 24/7. It’s on apple and its on android. It’s Travelport Mobile! Have it, it’s just having your office with you, always.” – Naim Shauqy bin Ashari, Manager @ CS Holidays

“I am in Jamaica right now and able to continue to do work for my clients because of Travelport Mobile Agent.  I can do tickets while on a beach in the summer. I do tickets while my husband drives the car. I tell all of my clients Their needs are always met and I am not chained to a desk because of Travelport Mobile Agent is there for us. If I had to rate this service it would get 10+++++.” – Donna Waryga, Owner @ My Concord Travel

“Just one example of Travelport Mobile Agent in action: yesterday afternoon I had to leave the office temporarily, to collect my son from school. When I was standing in the playground, a client called to tell me that she had given me the wrong name for a passenger, who was trying to board a flight in Botswana, with only 45 minutes to departure. With Travelport Mobile Agent I was able to quickly insert a message in the booking with the correct name, and the passenger boarded the flight. WithoutTravelport Mobile Agent, he would have had to fly 24 hours later.” – Chriss Scott, Senior Business Travel Specialist @ Scott’s Travel Management

“Dealing with top VIP clients is a 24/7 job and prior to having Travelport Mobile Agent assistance, I would often be caught out with access only to email when away from my desk. Now I can take my Ipad with me wherever I go and using phone access and Travelport Mobile Agent, I can assist with urgent bookings, changes and information almost anywhere and anytime. I am an instant huge fan!” – Jill Catling, Corporate Director @ BM Travel