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How to improve your life quality as a travel agent

Many people working as travel agents or inside travel agencies sometimes feel locked in their offices. There is a perception that this kind of work can really [...]

A new way to shop: Travelport offers the first phase of Next Generation Storefront (NGS)™ capability with multiple airlines and industry partners

2023-05-04T15:27:01+00:00August 5th, 2019|Categories: Media Room, TTS in the Press|

How to issue tickets without being IATA certified!

If you are a travel agency you are well familiar with some of the problems that can occur by not having IATA accreditation. The International Air Transport Association is [...]

The Importance of Implementing a Crisis Plan in Corporate Travel

The importance of having a crisis plan regarding corporate travel cannot be understated. Business travel happens all over the country and throughout the world and as any seasoned traveler [...]

TTS Corporate – What’s New

TTS Corporate is actively listening to the market's needs of the corporate travel world and that is why we keep developing new features and updates that will improve [...]

How is Generation Alpha changing the Travel Industry?

Understanding the changing demographic trends is an important part of staying ahead in the travel industry. Travel tech, travel habits, travel trends, and even travel mobility are all wrapped [...]

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