The 21st century has brought a variety of modern wonders into the average home. The internet is first and foremost among some of the greatest inventions ever created and yet there are still many individuals who either are unused to utilizing this technology, have had bad experiences during its early inception, or simply were never technically proficient. So how can you assist these individuals in using your online booking service like TTS WeBook Suite and what are some of the biggest issues that customers face when using an online booking tool?


You will want to be sure your booking tools are easy to use. If the online booking tool that you use is too complex, your clients will not want to use it. A complex booking tool brings with it a myriad of other sub-issues but at a very simple level, if they are unsure that what they’re doing is safe, they will be less likely to want to do it. People don’t want to spend money, have a credit card get billed, or have to call after the fact to admit they had made a mistake. People want to be able to feel that the process is simple and streamlined. If your online booking tool is far too complex they will want to revert to something easier like a phone call.

This is especially true for older generations who did not grow up using the internet and for whom phone calls were the primary medium of communication to get work done. For these people, the phone will always feel the easiest and most straightforward and we have to pay attention to the whole generational spectrum. So, it’s important to make sure that your website is clear and that it’s easy to know what you are getting even if you have a knowledge base of zero and need to have confidence in the process. Otherwise, these individuals will send you emails, call you, or attempt to show up during office hours, or even outside of office hours, to get their perceived concern resolved in whatever way they feel is most expedient and most convenient.

Payment Problems

Another major reason why individuals may choose to go the phone call route or office route (or drop off their reservation) is simply that they want to make sure their payment is processed correctly. If your payment processor looks odd, requires unusual information, or is not clear or readily apparent, your client will not only begin to have doubts about the website but possibly doubts about the entire user experience and your services. The last thing you want to do is create doubt in the minds of your clients and have them feel that working with you will be anything but easy, safe, and quick. People want to feel they’re getting the services they want in the time and with the comfort level they desire.

If a client feels they have to work too hard to be able to give you money or receive your services they are far more likely to go someplace where they have a far better experience. This is why it is important to help your clients by using solutions like TTS WeBook Suite which allows you to be able to meet your clients where they are: online, either through your website or through social media. Even some of the least tech-savvy individuals alive today have at least one social media account and with solutions like TTS WeBook Suite that allow you to interface through social media sites you are able to talk with a variety of clients all over the country and even the world while not having to keep a regular brick and mortar office. This can provide you the freedom to give them a great experience, talk with them when and where they need, as well as put any fears or doubts aside about payment issues.

How to convince your clients to book their trip online on your website

Ease of Access

One of the other primary reasons why you should be helping your clients gain confidence in the use of your online site is ultimately for their future well-being and yours. The ease of access that comes from trusting your online website will help empower them to make future flights and trips as well. Individuals who are convinced of the safety and security of the system had a good experience and can use your services conveniently are far more likely to come back and use them again and again in an increasingly autonomous way. This allows your business to grow its revenue while simultaneously meeting the needs of your clients.

This is an important consideration because if it is too complicated one of two things will happen – number one the clients you do have will take a lot of your time either in answering emails or phone calls until they feel their problems are resolved or two they will simply cease to be your clients and will go elsewhere where they feel it is easier and they can get the service they need in the time they want. Creating an idealized user interface for your clients means one that is incredibly simple and straightforward, with no unnecessary buttons, advertisements, slogans, or hyperlinks. Make it easy for them to get help when and how they need it. In this case, less is more and making things as easy as possible is essential to your future growth and success for your business.

Prospective Clients to Permanent Clients

The last major reason why you should be encouraging individuals to use your website is that there is a huge number of people who may simply be looking around or double-checking with a secondary agency for a trip or flight they already intend to go on. Providing these individuals with great user experience can help turn somebody who was vaguely looking about the possibility of a trip into a person who is excited to use your services to get there. With a simple but effective advertisement, a simplified layout that shows the benefits of working with you, a site that lays out what you offer, as well as simple navigation and great pricing, you can turn a simple internet browser search for somebody who was just thinking about a trip into an individual who will become a lifelong client excited to travel with you again and again.

So, with all this in mind, are you going to take action and convince your clients to use your website and provide a great experience for your thriving business now and into the future?