Employees for corporations both large and small are travelling significantly more than previous generations. This corporate travel brings with it some new opportunities and some new concerns that need to be addressed. Travelling can be great for business, be a lot of fun, and be potentially very profitable; however, it is important to make sure that no matter where your clients go they can maintain that work-life balance as well as doing so within the corporate travel policies guidelines of their companies. So how can you enhance your clients’ trip experience?

Bleisure Trips

Bleisure trips are becoming a significantly more popular style of trip for a business traveller. These of course blend a business trip with some periods of leisure time allowing individuals on them to not merely be a cog in a wheel that travels from place to place but rather to operate more holistically allowing individuals to take advantage of some of the opportunities available to them at their business trip destinations.

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Building in some leisure time with the travel itself can help significantly with employee retention and lower the need for actual vacation time where no productivity occurs. This is not so much of work-life balance as it is of work-life integration. Work-life integration is key to maintaining high-quality employees who are at the top of their game and ready to perform any of the necessary corporate work at a moment’s notice. However, this corporate benefit does come with certain stipulations and one of the most important of course is the requirement that travel policy compliance is maintained.

Travel Policy Compliance

Making sure that an employee follows travel policy is an essential part of maintaining accountability as well as keeping the overhead low for these business/leisure trips. Following the corporate travel policy is an important element of maintaining a healthy business-employee relationship as well as assisting the employee in having a healthy, yet reasonable, trip on the company dime.

One of the great tools for implementing corporate travel policies and guarantee their compliance is TTS Corporate. TTS Corporate was designed to act as a corporate booking tool allowing businesses extraordinary amounts of control over the itinerary, flights, hotels, rent-a-car and every aspect of an employee’s trip. TTS Corporate is unique in the fact that it allows the business even to implement its own specific rules and approval flow that must be followed as a part of the booking.

This means that if your business is unwilling to splurge for first-class all the way then your employee will only be allowed to travel business class or coach. Using a solution like TTS Corporate can help make sure your corporate clients don’t accidentally incur cost overruns that your client company is not suited to afford by maintaining their travel policies.

How to enhance your corporate clients’ trips experience

Travel Policy Impact

Different corporate travel policies can have a significant impact on the lives of the corporate traveller. The control these tools provide allows for easy access to every part of the travel industry and can limit the type of hotel or even mandate a specific hotel to be used by employees. The same can be done for airlines in nearly every aspect of the entire trip itinerary.

This can have a potentially major benefit for the business traveller themselves as a huge amount of your employee’s time could have otherwise been wasted simply booking and finding accommodations for the business trip. However, by using solutions like TTS Corporate you’re able to significantly cut down on this planning time allowing your employees to be more efficient and spend more time working directly on their specific roles.

Another major benefit consists in eliminating a lot of the thought work. Your employees are not going to concern themselves with their itinerary and plans as these things have already been taken care of and they can begin their business work sooner, secure in the knowledge that the company has already handled all aspects of their travel using this advanced booking tool. By working in this manner it helps ensure that the business traveller is ready to work as soon as they arrive, that just as meetings and workplace activities were planned, it allows the company to have intimate access to the arrangements of those travels as well. This can also be used to help give some side benefits to individuals who have earned bonuses by allowing the business to decide to upgrade accommodations or flight class.


The fact is, having a corporate booking tool like TTS Corporate for your business is an important element of increasing your overall business efficiency. Business efficiency is as essential to personnel management as it is to financial well-being. By increasing the efficiency of travel and decreasing the issues relating to your business you will not only be able to do corporate travel more cost-effectively but will also be better positioned to help meet the needs of your employees at every step of the way. You can even help maintain their mental well-being so they are in shape for peak performance to do all that your company requires.