With the incredible forward march of technology, particularly as it relates to the travel industry, there are just so many different ways that technology has affected travel trends and travel evolution. The simple fact is, it was not long ago when travel agents or travel agencies directly were the primary method by which people would conduct their research, do price comparisons, and work on creating their dream vacations. Very often this was even done in person as conducting business over the phone on that day was considered highly impersonal. But tech trends changed and with the inventions of the internet, handheld mobile devices, social media, and a whole host of other technologies, new methods were created and designed like Travelport Mobile Agent or TTS Webook Suite to help enhance travel features for both travel agents and travellers all over the world. So what are some of the biggest changes and how have they influenced the last few decades of traveller technologies?

Online travel agencies

Let’s address the most impactful thing first, the single biggest technological advancement and change in tech trends has been the internet. It has influenced travel evolution as well as dramatically affecting travel trends. With the use of the internet, websites, online travel agencies, online booking, and blogs, the world is truly at people’s fingertips. No longer do we have to wait for pamphlets to arrive on exotic destinations, or hope that new areas become open for tourism as now there is almost no place on Earth which cannot be conveniently researched using the internet and booked using online booking tools or online travel agencies.

All of this is also in stark contrast to how these trends used to be observed over time. Years ago, before the internet, individual travel agents might have known how many people were going through their agency and to what destinations but the metadata of where millions of travellers went was still something which did not yet exist. Online booking tools have made this kind of metadata a reality and now travel agencies all over the world can not only see where travellers are going but are able to use this knowledge to see where travel trends are developing, as well as what technological trends are growing and how people are using new and emerging technologies to enhance their travellers’ experience.

Being mobile

Another huge step forward in the advancement of travel technologies for travel agents to be more mobile than ever is the use of solutions like Travelport Mobile Agent. Travelport Mobile Agent is a powerful tool used by travel agents all over the world to meet the needs of their ever-changing clientele. Travel habits change over time and plans can sometimes become fluid for individuals on the go, but this is why Travelport Mobile Agent gives travel agents access to their main piece of software – Global Distribution System (GDS) – wherever they are, letting them solve their clients’ requests 24/7.

Being able to quickly book deals, find promotional materials, rebook or confirm flights, all while being able to conveniently and easily use the GDS 24/7 is a huge step forward. Now travel agents can book at any time of the day or night and do not need to call in, send an email request, or wait to talk with a customer care representative from their distributors before they can snag their clients the best deals.

This not only allows for improved efficiency for the travel agencies themselves but also improves travel agents’ personal lives by giving them the power to have more freedom to do their work from wherever they are.

Being online

Another big leap forward in tech trends for the travel industry is innovative software such as TTS Webook Suite. With TTS Webook Suite, individuals go to their travel agent’s website and book flights directly through their travel agency with a user-friendly booking engine accessible 24/7. This gives huge freedom to clients as now they will have the backing and security that comes from knowing there’s a dedicated travel agent to assist them in case of need while simultaneously freeing up travel agents to work with individuals who need a more personalized touch.

This kind of booking tool allows for the booking of flights, hotels, and a whole host of other products and services all related to the travel industry through easy website integration. This integration improves efficiency and makes it so travellers who already know what they want and where they want to go gain the convenience of simply being able to book a trip to their destination themselves.

This has the additional benefit of giving greater automation to the travel industry. Previously clients who want to use travel agencies or travel agents had to wait until normal business hours to be able to reach their travel agent. But with solutions like TTS Webook Suite and other online booking tools, clients now have unlimited access at any hour of day or night anywhere in the world to work on their travel plans and have those services available to them even outside of traditional business operating hours.


The travel industry has changed radically in the last few decades. With the growth of automated services, travel agents can meet client needs at all hours while simultaneously allowing for greater freedom and access to various parts of the world. Besides, there are now greater research options available, greater travel opportunities, as well as diversity in the methods of travel and location that modern technology has brought. There is truly nowhere in the world that is beyond the reach of the modern travel agency. Modern technology has also allowed for greater efficiency, and more customer savings through promotions and discounts which can now be swiftly and easily found and used online, as well as helping develop new travel trends through the use of metadata of travel habits. With the constant evolution of technology in the travel industry, the future of the travel industry looks bright.