You’ve dreamed of an island oasis trip for years, and you finally have both the time and the funds to make that trip happen. But how should you best go about trying to book your trip? There are so many websites out there, it can be nigh on impossible to decide which one to choose. But what about a travel agency? Travel agents can help travelers get the most out of their vacation, booking them for unique opportunities on a complete trip and allowing travelers to get a fuller experience as a result.

1. It is possible to book all aspects of your trip online, but this can be a very daunting prospect. There are so many choices of cruise lines, airlines, hotels, and tours that it can be extraordinarily time consuming and confusing, not to mention overwhelming with all the information out there. Utilising a travel agency’s services will unburden you and allow you to enjoy your trip so much more, not only because the agent will be able to do all of the bookings, but also because should something go awry, you have someone you can turn to for help. Whether you are dealing with a lost reservation or a lost piece of luggage, your travel agent can help you out.

2. Your professional travel agent will also be able to rebook you if your destination has suffered from bad weather or political unrest. Many self-booked travel plans do not offer this as a convenient solution, or if it is offered, it is not easy to complete.

3. Plus, if you are still in the planning stages and you are trying to coordinate with other people, a travel agent can often put a 24-hour hold on your travel plans while you have the chance to firm up the details. Then you can contact the agent to finalize the plans the next day once you have everything put together.

4. The benefits you can gain from using a travel agency are tremendous. To start with, your agent will help you choose the right places to go. It can be difficult if not misleading to read travel reviews posted online. A travel agent knows what is a truly good – and safe – place to go. He or she will possess the expertise necessary to book you where you want when you want. Your agent will also be able to help you decide what it is you want from a vacation if you are uncertain. A specialized travel agent can also book you for multiple stops for an excursion tour or for something like near-space flights, something online booking sites are usually not capable of handling. Complicated itineraries were made for travel agents, who get to flex their booking muscles and solve even your most complex travel situations.

5. Your travel agent will be able to know if you need to carry travelers’ insurance or not, particularly if you are traveling to a part of the world where diseases might be more prevalent. Many domestic insurance plans do not grant international coverage, so your trip might become very expensive without the rider. Travel insurance can also cover you should your plans need to radically change due to a rebooking issue or an illness.

6. A professional travel agent will be familiar with the visa requirements as well as any immunization needs before you can enter a country. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere without the right travel papers.

7. Travel agent services also include the ability to pay for your trip over time, instead of all at once, as websites require you to do. That way, you can still book the trip of a lifetime when you have the chance, and pay for it as time gets nearer.

8. Your travel agent is your personal travel expert. He or she knows where the really cool out of the way places are just off the main paths. You can be booked into a fantastic bed and breakfast where you will get to experience the cuisine of the region like nowhere else. Your agent can also tell you about what great places you should see at your destination. He or she may also be able to put you in touch with someone who can give you real reviews on places you are interested in, not just what someone blogged online about. Think of a travel agent as akin to a hotel concierge – the one truly in the know.

9. Travel agencies might be able to get you some special perks thanks to their relationships with their vendors. Things like complimentary massages, flight upgrades, and hotel amenities are available to travel agents that online companies just don’t have access to. They can also add on special activities to your trip that will help make it more special. These can include things like tea ceremonies in Japan or rope courses over tropical jungles. Art tours or music explorations are ideal for travel agents to arrange, especially since some specialize in these types of trips.

10. And let’s not forget professional travel agents can actually save you money. They have the best tips, like when the best time to travel is, what days are cheaper to book flights, and how to get you free amenities. It might seem like the online booking sites are the way to save, but after you factor in your time and the lack of extended knowledge available on the web, you end up spending more in the long run.

Time-saving measures though they might be, travel websites just can’t offer what a travel agent can – knowledge, expertise, and a personal touch. That’s why people are coming back to using travel agencies more than in recent years. They want to be able to have a stress-free (at least as much as possible) trip that will be memorable forever. The next time you want to book a trip, consider calling your local travel agency and leave the planning to an expert who will be your best travel partner.


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