As everyone knows, finding effective methods of advertising is crucial to your success as a business, so finding ways of tapping into new styles of advertising as well as being aware of the methods in which individuals are searching for businesses online is well worth your time investment. But success in advertising means knowing how your clients are searching and that is where the three V’s come in.

Many people may not know but there are three major V’s when it comes to search in the travel industry: the voice, the visual and the vertical. Knowing the voice, the visual, and the vertical can be major keys to your success as a company. Knowing the changing habits and the ways that individuals use search engines can prove essential to your clients finding you, knowing about your company, and encouraging them to shop with you. So let’s look more at the 3 V’s and see how they can be used?


One of the ways that individuals are using modern technology nowadays is with the voice. Voice searches have led to almost an entirely new branch of advertising in the voice travel industry. People are using speech-to-text at an increasingly expedited rate and it is quickly becoming a dominant player in the methods of searching. This can lead to significant changes as companies need to develop their search algorithms to be aware of this trend.

A voice search using Google will look and act a bit differently than a typed search and if your business is predicated only around certain buzzwords that individuals commonly type as opposed to the more natural phraseology of language, then your business could quickly begin to drop in the search results list for these individuals. Creating a way that uses the voice aspect is crucial to your sustained success. You need to have a business that can be found using the most common and the most popular styles of web search and as voice becomes an increasingly common method of searching online, your business needs to be adapted to meet that market change.


Visual content has been an important aspect of the marketing industry since its earliest days but in the 21st century the kinds and styles of visuals continue to grow, adapt, and change and you need to as well. A cutting-edge website from 2015 is going to look like an absolute dinosaur in less than three years. Most websites need to be updated at least once a quarter and oftentimes totally redesigned every year. This is because of visual trends which change rapidly in today’s modern fast-paced society. Even some color schemes can begin to look old and dated over time and what was the popular color one year could be considered the old color the next. One of the things you definitely don’t want to do for your thriving and dynamic business is to have the perception that you’re old, out-of-date, and, by extension, out of touch.

This applies to not just your website but also the method people use to search for you, it needs to be attractive. Your website should come across in a search engine but it’s not the only factor that individuals will notice along the way. Visual has become so important with entire website industries dedicated to helping share visual information, pictures, and even some advertisements.

Places like Instagram, Pinterest, and to a lesser degree Facebook, are all major movers in the visual travel industry and so finding ways of getting your content not just onto these sites but also in a manner that makes people want to share and engage with it is an increasingly important part of the visual aspect of the advertising industry. Making sure that the content you are sharing is modern, relevant, and of course aesthetically beautiful is therefore of utmost importance, particularly since you may be sharing a vacation destination with your clients. You want them to be able to imagine themselves there, so high-quality photos are a must.

That is why nowadays you have solutions like TTS WeBook Suite that allow travel agents to have a professional travel agency website with visually rich and interactive content where your clients can book their trips 24/7. You can check the live demo here.


Vertical advertising does not mean of course that you simply build yourself a bigger billboard – vertical advertising means in-depth content-based advertising. This means that you can go deeper by using computer algorithms, publicly posted profile information, likes, shares, subscribes, and the online user profiles of individuals to create targeted advertisements directly and specifically for them. This is crucially important as the old style of shotgun advertising where you would just blast the internet with a huge amount of your information and hope to hit something is no longer a viable method in the precise and informed world of today.

Targeted advertising allows you to get significantly more for your investment dollars. Individuals who are already searching for flights or particular destinations will now have your advertisements that correlate to that information come up in their search results. And, because the internet has truly become a web, as advertisements in their online gaming and anywhere else it is appropriate to advertise.

This allows your advertisement to do something special and that is to come across less like advertising and more like an actual service. Things that come across as just trying to get someone’s money are always less successful than things that people are actually looking for. By creating targeted advertisements you can provide a service for these individuals by answering a question they have, giving them information that they need, while simultaneously drawing attention to your business or company and having more effective online marketing.


Many industries forget the three V’s when it comes to search-based advertising. But if you are able to create your advertising medium to fit the correlated needs of your clients and give the ability to provide a service to them as opposed to strictly advertising, are able to adapt your search algorithm parameters to include things like the increasingly common voice search, as well as take the lead on visual informative advertisements so your content never feels old or out-of-date, your business will be ready to be one that can be successful in the changing online search arena.