Corporate booking tools are an essential element for all corporate travel. When working correctly, these tools can significantly ease the burden of booking both for the travel manager and for the corporate traveler. A variety of booking tools can be used by a corporate travel agent as well as his or her agency, but the problem really can begin to arise in the actual adoption of a particular booking tool as opposed to just booking a flight.

There is a variety of reasons to use a booking tool as opposed to trying to piece together a flight and itinerary unaided. However, caution should be exercised in using corporate booking tools (CBTs) as many lack the essential features required to make a CBT an actual asset to the business. Business travel is essential as is the corporate booking tool but finding one that has the features necessary to help your particular business traveler can sometimes feel difficult. So where is it that many of the CBTs fail to deliver?


One of the major problems that a travel manager or a corporate travel agent has to fight with is non-intuitive corporate booking tools. These booking tools that are supposed to be designed to make things easier can oftentimes just obfuscate and become more problematic. They add difficulty levels that make it very hard for a business traveler to use them and can even cause problems for a skilled travel manager. The tools are often large, impressive-sounding, and have a wide variety of assets; however, due to their non-friendly user interface, these corporate booking tools are little more than just a mechanism by which some companies are able to receive continuous software payments and technical support while simultaneously causing a business to become more and more financially invested in the program or software that already was flawed from its inception.

These non-intuitive interfaces can include things like not being able to implement your corporate travel policy which can be absolutely paramount when it comes to this kind of booking tool. Using a booking tool that allows you to manage your corporate travel policy through the tool itself is an essential part of business travel. Corporate booking tools must be able to give an immediate advantage to whatever business is using them. If they require extensive training, you’re not able to implement the kinds of changes that you need. Plus, if you have difficulty managing the management tool then all of this can become a serious problem for a business.

There are solutions out there like TTS Corporate which is an excellent booking tool that allows for an easy user interface and intuitive software that can be used by businesses or individuals alike. Making sure that you have world-class solutions like TTS Corporate can help protect you from those less intuitive corporate booking tools.

What fails in the adoption of corporate booking tools


Another major issue that individuals may struggle with is how many of these booking tools for corporate travel make booking an absolute slog. This is most readily apparent when it comes to the difficulty in creating customization anywhere along the line. Many of these tools are simple out-of-the-box kits and if there is anything that you want to input, need to change, or adjust, it can be extremely difficult. Some of these corporate booking tools feel like you are required to have a master’s degree in computer engineering before you can even use the tool itself. That is why it’s important for solutions like TTS Corporate to be open to doing custom developments to adjust the solution to its client’s needs.

Once you learn how to use it, you will then be confronted with the second biggest problem and that is its limitations. Most of these corporate booking tools have extreme limitations on the kind of customization you can do. These limitations are not just in the solution itself but can ultimately become a limitation in your ability to conduct your business in the way that you most desire.

These limitations can include such things as an inability to create a corporate travel policy which the corporate booking tool can then refer back to and use as a reference point to ensure that all corporate travelers follow the guidelines set forth by the policy of the company. With an inability to implement a corporate travel policy these corporate booking tools become rife with potential booking fraud or unnecessary expenditures. If an individual is not able to use the corporate booking tool to book an itinerary that is compatible with the corporate travel policy of the company, then there is an internal conflict.

This can also potentially cost significant amounts of money to the business. And that it’s unnecessary as the customization that comes with corporate booking tools like TTS Corporate allows you to be able to create those special customized plans and itineraries at every stage of the trip which can help to save money by using deals, or other money-saving techniques. Without the ability to customize, you are stuck inside the box with whatever corporate booking tool your expenditures department overpaid for.


It is absolutely essential that a corporate travel manager or a corporate travel agent feel they have the freedom to be able to use their CBT in any manner they need. This freedom to use the solution to meet the needs of your changing dynamic business is an important part of saving money, as well as personal happiness for your corporate traveler. Corporate travelers can often feel restrained by non-intuitive, difficult-to-use, and impossible-to-adjust corporate booking tools. By using solutions like TTS Corporate you are not only able to enhance the user interface and give greater freedom for a corporate travel manager but also able to help the business traveler as well.

This enhanced ability to use a state-of-the-art corporate booking tool that can use your corporate travel policy as well as ensure travel compliance, facilitate customization, and give extensive management and oversight tools makes TTS a leading player in the corporate booking tool market. Why would you pay money for difficult-to-operate, non-intuitive, non-customizable tools when you can get one that can help your dynamic business save money through precise travel control over every aspect of booking and itinerary? With all that in mind, the real question is when are you going to get a booking tool worthy of your successful business?