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Calendar Search

Calendar Search Add-On for TTS Consolidator grants non-IATA agencies/independent agents quick access to the best deals available by allowing them to visualize the lowest fares in a 3-day window in both round and one-way trips, allowing them to:

  • View available lowest rates per day
  • Save money
  • Make a faster and more flexible search
  • Be able to decide the best deal according to their clients’ availability and expectation

We believe this new add-on can improve the non-IATA agencies/independent agents relationship with their clients in two ways:

  • On the client’s side, this add-on will allow non-IATA agencies/independent agents to offer better customer service by going one-step further and presenting more options according to the client’s preferences and ultimately save them money in a more instant way.
  • On the agency’s side, this search flexibility will increase non-IATA agencies/independent agents’ productivity by saving time and simplifying the constant search for the best opportunities. This user-friendly calendar search will add more value to TTS Consolidator and give non-IATAs/independent agents a new tool that will ultimately facilitate their sales.

flexible search criteria

By clicking the ‘best price/calendar search’ option, TTS Consolidator agencies can see the best flights in both round and one-way trips and decide according to their clients flexibility.

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TTS Consolidator Calendar Search Round Trip Flight Results

user-friendly calendar search

TTS Consolidator agencies can now find the lowest fares available in a 3-day window by using a user-friendly and easy-to-use calendar to book trips for their clients.

improving our clients’ business

This add-on will guarantee that non-IATA agents/independent agents present a more significant customer service thus reinforcing their relationship with their clients by being attentive to their needs.

TTS Consolidator Calendar Search

Calendar Search add-on price

Calendar Search add-on can be subscribed for only 8$ or 8€/month* per non-IATA (according to your market).


To activate the add-on the agencies need to fill the form available here. If you need any help don’t hesitate to send an email to and we’ll gladly help you.

The Calendar Search add-on will have a monthly cost of only *8 USD or 8 EUR (depending on your market) per non-IATA/independent agent and will be billed annually.

We will keep the same payment methods available as for TTS Consolidator: debit/credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

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