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How to order and pricing

From December 1st, 2016, TTS WebAgent went from being a product to being a paid add-on available only for Travelport Mobile Agent users. You can find all about how to order Travelport Mobile Agent here.

If you are not a Travelport Mobile Agent user, request access to Travelport Mobile Agent here or through Travelport Marketplace, and download it now so you can start enjoying the non-GDS content available while your access is being provisioned.

What’s in it for you?

Allows travel agents to work remotely decreasing the dependency from the office and giving more freedom to travel agents.

By being accessible through laptop or desktop it offers a better work environment for people that usually access their GDS from home using their mobile devices with Travelport Mobile Agent.

Wider access to the GDS reduces the office dependency, making staying until late in the office to finish work a need from the past.

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