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Payment Gateway

As your business expands so does the need to make sure your clients are engaged all the way through the booking and payment process. From now on, with the Payment Gateway add-on, your clients will be able to pay for their trips directly on TTS WeBook Booking Engine through a payment gateway that accepts credit card, debit card and Paypal payments from around the globe.

Through this add-on, your clients will be able to pay for their flights after booking them directly on TTS WeBook Booking Engine and wherever it is integrated: whether it is on your TTS WeBook Suite website, your partners’ website or even your Facebook page.


Besides securing that your clients conclude the payments of their trips in a simple and quick way, this add-on will bring a wide set of other advantages to your travel agency:

  • Time-saving: the Payment Gateway add-on will save your travel agency a lot of time by no longer requiring your travel agents to spend their time doing manually entering credit card and other electronic payments through other portals or wire transfers.
  • User-Friendly and convenient: the add-on is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface that your clients can access 24/7 from the comfort of their homes.
  • Secure Transactions: the encryption protects sensitive data protecting both travel agency and the clients from misuse and fraud attempts.
  • Expenses Control: the Payment Gateway add-on will allow your travel agency to keep a more strict control of your everyday expenses and reduce unwanted expenses.

Boost your travel agency sales and productivity while providing your clients with an improved and more secure way to finalize the booking process.

Payment Gateway add-on price

Payment Gateway add-on can be subscribed for only 300EUR/year.


All you have to do is send an email to sales@tts.com asking us to activate the add-on.

TTS WeBook Booking Engine Payment Gateway add-on will have an annual cost of 300EUR.

We will keep the same payment methods available as for TTS WeBook Suite: debit/credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

The provided payment gateway is based on Paypal, the number one global provider of digital payments.

Yes, you will need a Paypal Merchant account to receive the money.

Not at all, they can pay with any of the supported Credit or Debit Card. However, this gateway gives them the additional benefit of using their Paypal account in case they have one.

Yes, like in any other payment gateway. However, there are some very interesting advantages in using Paypal merchant account. They don’t request bank warranties neither retain your money. On top of that, they have a very flexible pricing model that scales with your business. The more you transact through them, the cheaper it gets. To get more details, please visit the Paypal Merchant website.

Yes, because although you will have your prices in your currency, by using the Paypal gateway, the customer can choose to pay in any other supported currency. Worry not, Paypal will always deposit on your account the full amount in the currency you specify.

Yes, it does, it works on any device.

Yes, it’s fully compliant with PCI-DSS regulation.

Although we have to refer you to Paypal website to check exactly what cards are accepted on each market, it’s known that Paypal accepts a wide range of cards, including market-specific cards.

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