Quality Policy

Our commitment is based on the development and delivery of products, taking into account the needs and expectations of the stakeholders, with a special focus on customer interest and satisfaction. This commitment is based on the continuous improvement of the processes in order to guarantee the development, implementation, and improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. 

In this sense, all those who work at TTS Lab, guide their performance by the following principles:

  • Knowledge management, directed towards the development of partnerships with centers of technology/research through the local University, and the hiring of specialized employees in order to ensure the sharing of new knowledge as well as the improvement of the existing one. This commitment aims to invest in adequate R&D&I training and to contribute to the constant updating of the development team, which is essential for the correct operationalization of the defined processes, thus providing the solutions with the necessary requirements for the conformity of the products to be delivered to customers;
  • Results focus, allowing a sustained growth, supported by the quality and promotion of the developed products, and also based on the orientation of the decisions according to the results obtained through the monitoring and measurement of the process performance indicators in order to achieve the strategic objectives outlined. The results focus orientation is also based on the performance evaluation of critical processes and on the learning and development of the collaborators, stimulating the capacity for initiative and teamwork, improving the results to be achieved through knowledge sharing, which provides more ease in the identification of new developments as well as the launching of new functionalities, thus improving the products offered to the clients;
  • Compliance with requirements, by guaranteeing that the criteria applicable to the business are met, whether it’s good practices, contractual requirements, or requirements of the reference standard of the Quality Management System, as well as the legal requirements, complying with current legislation in force. In this sense, TTS Lab is committed to complying with the legal regulations applicable to its area of activity, ensuring the correct updating of its employees in this regard;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of processes by selecting improvement opportunities and implementing any actions necessary to meet the requirements and to increase customer satisfaction. This orientation aims to ensure the continuous improvement of the services provided and to convey them confidence in a consistent and systematic manner, while also ensuring the correct functioning of the Quality Management System, based on the norm NP EN ISO 900:20015, and ensuring compliance with the Quality Objectives.