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The revolutionary fusion of Cryptic and Graphical Interfaces in just one solution. This innovative tool combines the best features and artificial intelligence to provide travel agents with unequaled competitiveness.

Do you dream of a more flexible work-life balance that allows you to work on your terms?

We can make your dream come true. Check out how TTS WebAgent will help you.

Harness the synergy of Cryptic and Graphical Interface and enjoy access to your GDSs anywhere, anytime, with TTS WebAgent on desktop or mobile

Work Flexibility with TTS WebAgent

Unlock Better Prices, Maximize Earnings, and Seize Opportunities on the go. Experience the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Unparalleled Competitiveness.

Increased Profits with TTS WebAgent

Get the TTS WebAgent Mobile App today and stay ahead of the game with an AI-powered search engine in your pocket!

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TTS WebAgent Mobile App extends the power of TTS WebAgent to mobile devices, enabling travel agents to access their GDS anytime, anywhere.

More than 400 low-cost carriers

TTS WebAgent automatically creates thousands of new flight options, by combining flights from GDS and LCC. This not only simplifies your workflow but also enables you to offer your clients the best flight options at the most competitive prices.

AI - generated | 30% more flight options in less time
AI - generated | 30% more flight options in less time

AI-generated |Up to 30% lower prices & 30% more flights

Experience an AI-powered search engine and great pricing with the best combinations for your clients. Instantly search hundreds of flights in less than 3 seconds and provide your clients with faster, more satisfying proposals.

Say goodbye to late nights at the office

Have unmatched accessibility to your GDS cryptic terminal, no matter where you are. And here’s the best part: we’ve gone the extra mile by providing a user-friendly graphical interface, NEO*, alongside the terminal.

*NEO, the graphical interface, is only available for Galileo.

Say goodbye to late nights at the office with TTS WebAgent
Work Fast with TTS WebAgent

Work fast

Experience lightning-fast GDS response and a seamless typing-free workflow. Our features like Linked commands, Enhanced results, Pkeys, History, Queues watcher, My PNRs, and Double Window were crafted to optimize touch interaction.

Rich Content & Branding

Discover a world of information at your fingertips with our Rich Content & Branding feature. Uncover price benefits, restrictions, additional airline content, and alternative fares for your preferred flight combinations effortlessly.

Rich Content & Branding Feature
Full synchronization & Continuity with TTS WebAgent

Full synchronization & Continuity

Experience seamless synchronization across devices, ensuring consistent content on all your screens. Transition effortlessly between TTS WebAgent on desktop and mobile app, picking up right where you left off on cryptic without interrupting your workflow.

TTS WebAgent is exclusively available for Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan, and all data is synchronized in real-time.

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Due to the diversity of our customers, I have to be mobile 24 hours a day. Thanks to your application it became possible. I have it on my iPhone and my notebook. It is absolutely fantastic that one can solve a booking problem or ticket reissue without contacting the office, especially when you are in a different time zone. It was always my dream to have a compact handy GDS so thanks to your creation: I have it. Thank you, guys!

Roman Averkin, Home Travel Agent @ JSC Agency DAVS

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