Travel management is an essential component of modern business operations, and travel agents play a crucial role in ensuring that business travelers have access to the resources they need to be productive while on the go.

To distinguish yourself as a travel agent, gain a deep understanding of business travelers’ needs and provide top-notch solutions to attract more clients. Among the various customer segments that rely heavily on travel agents’ assistance, business travelers stand out. These individuals constantly seek reliable, efficient, and comfortable accommodations that foster productivity and concentration during their frequent journeys. As a result, they often turn to travel management organizations to ensure their well-being. To excel in a fiercely competitive market, prioritize delivering exceptional service that caters precisely to the distinctive needs of business travelers.

So, what are the needs of business travelers, and how can you meet those needs to set your agency apart from the competition?

1. Easy Connectivity

Business travelers rely on dependable connectivity to manage tasks. For example, attend meetings, and seize opportunities while on the move. However, the reliability and speed of Wi-Fi in airports and hotels can vary significantly. In-flight Wi-Fi, although available for a fee, often falls short in terms of speed and capacity for collaborative work. Additionally, certain airlines impose excessive fees, and not all planes offer in-flight Wi-Fi.

To address the connectivity needs of business travelers effectively, a travel management company should offer a tailored corporate booking tool. This tool should prioritize fast and secure Wi-Fi access, aligning with individual travel policies and budgets. By ensuring reliable connectivity, your company enables business travelers to stay connected and productive throughout their journeys.

2. Efficient Trips

Business travelers must concentrate on work while traveling, free from unnecessary distractions handled by their travel agent. While flight delays are unpredictable, a reliable travel management program can minimize disruptions. Moreover, it should enforce travel policy compliance effectively.

To meet this need, your agency should offer an advanced online corporate booking tool. This way you can cater to your business traveler customers’ diverse travel requirements. This tool should provide various options to meet these requirements. For instance, comprehensive hotel options, up-to-date flight schedules, flexible pricing choices, robust management features, or suggested enhancements for travel policies.

3. Convenient Access to Resources

Business travelers require convenient access to resources for optimal productivity. Therefore, during their trips, they access mobile office spaces that can be easily set up anywhere they go. Whether it’s on the plane, at the airport, in hotel rooms, or even in taxis, having these adaptable workspaces is essential.

To meet this need, your travel management company should offer various resources for business travelers to maintain productivity while on the go. This includes providing access to global coworking spaces and shared office facilities in major cities, as well mobile workstations like portable desks, chairs, and lighting to support their work needs.

4. Reliable Help When Needed

Business travelers require dependable assistance when facing travel-related issues or challenges. For example during flight cancellations. Or unsatisfactory hotel accommodations, they rely on travel agents to handle these situations and provide quick resolutions.

To meet this need, provide 24/7 support to your business travelers. Have a team of experienced agents available to assist with any of these travel issues. Ensure your agents are equipped to navigate challenges and find quick solutions.

5. Comfortable Place to Relax

After a long day of meetings or travel, business travelers need a comfortable and quiet space to relax and unwind. This is especially important for those who have to work long hours during their trip or who have multiple meetings scheduled back to back.

One solution to this is to provide high-quality accommodations that offer comfortable bedding, blackout curtains, or soundproofing, for instance, to create a peaceful and relaxing environment. Additionally, many hotels now offer amenities such as fitness centers, spas, and lounges where business travelers can recharge and relax during their downtime.

In addition to hotel accommodations, travel management companies can also provide other services to help business travelers relax and feel comfortable. For example, some travel agencies may offer access to airport lounges, which provide a comfortable and quiet space for travelers to rest and work before their flight.

By offering these types of amenities, travel management companies do not only meet the needs of business travelers. But also create a positive and memorable experience that keeps them coming back.

The solution that can provide for the main requirements of a business traveler

Travel Agents need a tool that guarantees that their business travelers have:

  • Connectivity
  • Privacy

  • Efficiency
  • Personalization
  • Convenience

  • Travel Policy Compliance

This solution is TTS Corporate! An online booking tool that caters to the needs of business travelers, enhancing the travel industry. It enables you to meet all the requirements of your corporate travel customers.

TTS Corporate Mockup
TTS Corporate

Online Corporate Booking Tool

TTS Corporate is an essential booking tool for corporate travel agents. Moreover, it is regularly updated with new features to meet customer needs. Additionally, it offers new hotel content, updated flight schedules, enhanced management capabilities, and recommended improvements in travel policies. Furthermore, with its user-friendly interface and automation software solutions, TTS Corporate ensures compliance with travel policies while providing the key features that business travelers require. Ultimately, by incorporating this indispensable tool, you can significantly enhance your company’s value to customers.

Article by Kathy Jackson, Account Manager @ TTS