It can be tricky sometimes trying to grow and optimize your travel booking business. Consolidators are quite common throughout North American and Europe, but newly emerging countries are tougher to work in as consolidators are not as prevalent there. This can make it more difficult for a small, personal travel agent to gain a larger market share.  There are solutions, though, that can make it much easier. 

The International Air Transport Association, or IATA, used to be the industry standard for anyone in the travel industry. Only IATA travel agents were able to book the best seats, and member airlines were responsible for the bulk of the seats in the air on a given day.  Even though 85% of seats remain part of IATA, it’s getting easier for non-IATA travel agents to compete.

Travel agents well know that they need to know the Global Distribution Systems (GDSs) like Amadeus, Apollo, Galileo, Sabre or Worldspan. One problem is that an IATA certification and training in all of these systems can be expensive. Independent agents can feel like they are operating at a disadvantage. 

Knowing that by using a ticket consolidator they can start to compete on an even playing field is one way smaller businesses can thrive. It’s sure to make the market grow and provide better services to travelers at the same time. You can issue tickets with ease just like IATA travel agencies would. It also runs transactions through a series of checks to ensure that your financial danger is reduced. 

Your ability to work is improved thanks to eliminating the need to know how to specifically install a program, plus it works seamlessly with all of the Travelport programs, sending information immediately so TTS users are working at the same speed and with the same documents that IATA users have access to, regardless of whether price or schedule is the most important factor to the client.

The consolidation business has grown rapidly in the last few years thanks to the internet and people getting savvier about trying to find their own best fares. TTS Consolidator allows small travel agencies to speed up their ability to handle each transaction, too, since the old ways of creating each trip manually are gone, as is the need to partner with an IATA agency to issue the tickets. Work independently, at your own pace, and with whom you want – it’s complete freedom for all size travel agencies!

TTS Consolidator is one optimization solution for the small travel agencies, particularly those which are home-based. It helps manage your business smoothly and puts you on a par with IATA travel agents. And when you gain, the industry also gains, but most of all, the customer gains.