Small and medium scale enterprises find it quite difficult to compete with the financial might and seemingly unlimited resources that all large scale enterprises are known for. Luckily, when it comes to the world of travel, they don’t need to. Among the hundreds of corporate travel booking solutions that can be found online, there are a number of solutions that specifically cater to the needs and demands of SMEs and ensure that they don’t get left out from getting access to the best travel deals and solutions.

There was a time when travel agents found corporate booking solutions to be extremely complex and expensive. As a result, they failed to meet the demands posed by their corporate customers, thereby disrupting their corporate travel solutions. Today, travel agencies can revel in the fact that there are many corporate booking solutions that allow them to cater to the demands of their corporate customers with ease and panache.

Tools such as TTS Corporate (designed and developed by the makers of the Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS Consolidator) can be used to easily meet all corporate requirements while adhering to business needs. These tools offer a quick booking process, easy access to the GDS (Global Distribution System), account related information, travel policy management solutions and approval workflows. This level of customization helps your travel agency to offer its business customers, irrespective of whether they represent the small, medium or large scale sector), with the right booking solutions for all their travel requirements.

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Choosing a corporate booking solution for SMEs requires a lot of thought. It is not just about being content with a solution that offers the best functionality or choosing a solution depending on the capabilities or content offered. It is also about understanding what the small and medium scale enterprises are expecting from the tool and whether they will find the tool to be useful.

If your corporate customers don’t find the tool to be useful, it is pointless for you to offer a corporate booking solution as a travel agent. Moreover, the tool should also adhere to business rules and be easy to use from the travel agency’s point of view. Things like responsive designs (offering a corporate travel solution for mobile customers), affordability and approval processes also play a huge role in your decisions.

Ultimately, the ideal corporate travel plan should be focused on simplicity and efficiency. It should offer you with all the necessary business travel features and also be efficient, flexible and cost-effective at the same time. Those looking for a free corporate travel solution to start with can always enjoy the benefits offered by corporate booking systems such as TTS Corporate, which also offers a free version.