“My time is very valuable. It doesn’t matter how good a website or an online app is. The value of experienced and connected business travel managers and business travel agencies who take care of my travel arrangements and offer me with a peace of mind is far greater than any savings that I would make on these websites”. This is just one example of a business traveller who spends almost 100 nights traveling each year.

The internet might be full of travel websites and portals which allow corporate travellers to become their own travel agents and save some money, but corporate travellers still prefer to make use of a specialized travel agent who can offer them with the right services. There are thousands of corporate travellers all over the world who prefer to leave the travel details in the hands of their agents and concentrate on their business instead.

Thus, the need to specialize in business travel seems to be quite obvious. Ever since the growth of information technology, travel agents all over the world have suffered from lost business because people prefer to book their own trips using online websites and portals. However, the same cannot be said about corporate travellers. Travel agents who have managed to specialize their services and tap into the business travel market have flourished because of the growth of business travel and the opportunities that this sector has to offer.

As a travel agent, it is imperative for you to look into specializing in corporate travel. You should always look at this market as an opportunity. Corporate travellers might require you to upgrade your services, but they also offer you with a world of opportunity and a huge scope for growth.

The ideal way to enter the corporate world as a travel agent is to target small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs). There are a number of corporate travel booking solutions like TTS Corporate that travel agents can make use of. These solutions are specially designed to cater to corporate travel and they go a long way in optimizing the entire process between an agency and a company. Another advantage that the right corporate travel solution has to offer is that it is easy to setup and use, and it can be completely customized to the business travel agent’s personal environment.

Business travel agencies who are already making big bucks in the corporate world state that they know much more about their customer’s likes and dislikes because they can spend a lot of time in trying to know them. They have all the necessary frequent-flier numbers, they know what kind of cars to book, they enjoy special relations with vendors because of their volumes of work and they also have affiliations with luxury travel networks that give them access to special deals. This is the kind of specialization that a corporate entity demands from corporate travel agencies and those who can offer such levels of specialization can really excel in the travel business.

Remember, corporate travellers are always looking for some hand holding in their times of need and they place no greater value than speaking to a real person when things go south.