Small and medium tourism enterprises face many of the same challenges as do large tourism enterprises – how to use e-commerce to their best advantage.

Numerous travel industry writers have noted that a web site alone will not draw client revenue to the travel agency. And they also note that there is a paradigm shift (or trend) away from online bookings and lead generation. That bookings-and-lead-generation business model requires a tremendous investment of time, effort, and money to be successful and the results are often disappointing.

Using Web 2.0 and social media to build and expand your travel agency can help you more effectively meet clients’ needs and bring your agency into parity with your competitors.  The transition to e-commerce is less costly and more productive than the bookings-lead generation business model.

Today’s travellers are mobile device connected – locally, internationally, in the classroom and restaurant, or boarding a plane. They expect travel agency websites to be interactive, not static. Not only must websites be totally interactive but small and medium travel agencies that wish to move forward in the industry must utilize Web 2.0 and social media as fully as possible to build relationships with current and prospective clients. One of the tools that can be integrated in any website and Facebook page is TTS WeBook where you can search and book flights using rich search and filters or more advanced booking parameters.

E-commerce helps expand business

Expanding your business through e-commerce is a multidimensional process. Another dimension is utilizing a website that is attractive, has fresh content, and highly interactive functions. Providing clients with online air booking solutions is yet another important dimension.

Perhaps the most important aspect of e-commerce will be linking those technical tools with your commitment to building strong, long-lasting client relationships. When you blend all those dimensions together, you are becoming part of the e-commerce travel agency universe.