Thinking about your next vacation? 
Take these mobile apps with you and enjoy your well-deserved rest.

As the vacation season approaches (at least for a lucky few), this scenario might seem familiar… You are trying your best to close all bookings and leave your work perfectly organized so you can fully benefit from a well-deserved rest.

You have everything ready and you are about to board a flight to that dreamy destination you’ve been imagining all year. And that’s when it hits you: you forgot to answer that last email from your corporate client, just when you finished setting your “out-of-office” message. Normally, this is an unpleasant and stressful situation: either you would have to call a colleague to ask for help and explain everything or run back to the office and risk losing your flight. Home-based travel agents or independent consultants would probably give up and not go on vacation (for the gazillion time).

So where are we going with this? Travelers are mobile, and so should travel agents.

This summer, no need to drag your laptop around or to be constantly on the phone with the office to manage last-minute changes in your customers’ bookings.

With Travelport Mobile Agent, you can search, book, and issue tickets on the go on your smartphone and tablet (iOSAndroid, and Windows Phone) without having to leave the beach.

And for your corporate customers, just use TTS Corporate’s mobile app to manage multiple bookings while sipping a Piña Colada by the pool.

Keep your customers happy and enjoy your vacation!

P.S. Talking about vacation, here’s the testimonial of one of our travel agents:

“I am in Jamaica right now and able to continue to do work for my clients because of Travelport Mobile Agent. I can do tickets while on a beach in the summer. I do tickets while my husband drives the car. I tell all of my clients their needs are always met and I am not chained to a desk because of Travelport Mobile Agent is there for us. If I had to rate this service it would get 10+++++. Thank you!”

Donna Waryga, Owner @ My Concord Travel