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Mobile devices have transformed the modern traveller into a more demanding and connected customer, bringing new challenges to Travel Agents.

Travelport Mobile Agent is a mobile application that provides you access to your most important working tool, your GDS cryptic terminal, anytime, anywhere.

But there’s more! Now with Rich Content and Branding, you can access the same content on Smartpoint at the office, on the go with Travelport Mobile Agent and at home with TTS Web Agent:

– easily access other fares available for a flight combination
– quickly show other pricing options for clients with different needs
– check, compare and communicate the benefits and restrictions of each fare
– access additional airline content like photos and services

Travelport Mobile Agent is simply the best and most wonderful thing that has happened in the twenty two years I have been involved in the travel industry. Just one example of Travelport Mobile Agent in action: yesterday afternoon I had to leave the office temporarily, to collect my son from school. When I was standing in the playground, a client called to tell me that she had given me the wrong name for a passenger, who was trying to board a flight in Botswana, with only 45 minutes to departure. With Travelport Mobile Agent I was able to quickly insert a message in the booking with the correct name, and the passenger boarded the flight. Without Travelport Mobile Agent, he would have had to fly 24 hours later.

– Chriss Scott, Senior Business Travel Specialist @ Scott’s Travel Management

Don’t miss another booking! Join our free webinar and learn how to explore the full features of Travelport Mobile Agent. Offer great customer service by helping your customers right when they need and transform every opportunity in value. 

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