Many people working as travel agents or inside travel agencies sometimes feel locked in their offices. There is a perception that this kind of work can really only best be done from a particular place and that mobility is not compatible with work as a travel agent. Travel agents also feel that they need to sacrifice personal time to handle their customer’s needs. This is an ironic assumption, though, as your work as a travel agent is to help others pursue their mobility, so why choose to limit your own? There are a huge amount of travel agent tips that can assist you in your desire to have greater mobility.

For instance, you no longer have to run your travel agencies from your office when you have solutions like Travelport Mobile Agent. You have a huge number of tools and freedom at your fingertips to be able to run your travel agencies or be a travel agent from anywhere you can get an internet connection. This is the twenty-first century and you no longer have to be chained to your office, since with high-speed internet available around nearly every corner you can be free to run your business from anywhere in the world, from your neighborhood’s coffee shop to the one on the other side of the globe. Let’s take a moment to learn more about some of these best tools and travel agent tips to increase your mobility and travel agent freedom.

Travelport Mobile Agent

Travelport Mobile Agent gives you access to the global distribution system (GDS) of Travelport – Apollo, Galileo, and Worldspan – assisting you in being able to work remotely as a travel agent. The fact of the matter is that with the increasingly powerful and sophisticated smartphone technologies as well as easy access to 4G and higher speeds, and even 5G coming to many areas, you now have a huge amount of mobility and freedom.

There are a variety of apps designed to work in concert with your phone, tablet, or even laptop. This allows you greater freedom and can potentially be a huge boon to your private practice. Here is why – by using solutions like Travelport Mobile Agent on your phone, you can work with clients without ever having to be in the same location as them. People can purchase your services and make inquiries, and instead of having to wait for you to get to your office, be inside normal business hours, and potentially lose the client, you can respond to them quickly and expeditiously, which allows you to come out ahead of your competition. If you can answer your client’s mobility needs as their travel agent then other travel agencies will be left in the dust.

Meeting Clients Needs

Your clients are likely to be a dynamic group unto themselves. Their desire for mobility in world travel, as well as their desire to have the protection of a travel agency, means that you need to be able to be at the top of your game. One of the primary reasons that people use a travel agent or travel agency is because of the additional layer of protection that is offered to their trip. By having a travel agent or working through travel agencies, if a flight gets canceled, delayed, or anything else happens along the way they will attempt to reach you. However, this only works if you are reachable outside of your traditional business hours.

This is why to be a successful travel agency you need to have tools like Travelport Mobile Agent or TTS WebAgent, amongst many others available worldwide. This not only allows you to have easy access to your clients anywhere in the world when they need to reach you but also allows you to be able to reach out and start finding flights, and alternative accommodations, and meet the changing dynamic needs of your client. Being able to work with your client outside of traditional business hours is going to be a huge bonus to you as a business. Your clients will travel all over the world and so being able to assist them in a crisis can help set your travel agency apart making it one they will not only want to book with again and again but one that they will recommend to their friends and family as well.

Personal Mobility

Not only will the use of Travelport Mobile Agent, TTS WebAgent, and others help you have greater access to your global distribution system at any time of the day or night but ultimately they will help in freeing you from your desk and office. This freedom to be able to conduct business anywhere gives you personal freedom in a way that previous travel agencies and travel agents have not gotten to enjoy. You can run an entire travel agency from the comfort of your own home with sophisticated tools. Having access to the entire worldwide system at all hours means that you can enjoy more personal time, more family time, and more time building your successful business.

This is important because if you are a small travel agency, it can be incredibly difficult to feel you have the capabilities of designing your own business and operating it in the way that you need. Being stuck in an office can seriously limit your ability to make connections, grow your business, and even live your own life. The fact of the matter is that these tools can offer you a huge amount of freedom for your clients, for yourself, and for the ultimate growth and success of your own business. Gone are the days of traditional business hours – now you are free to grow your business anywhere, anytime.

No longer shackled to your desk and office, you are free to grow your business as a dynamic thriving travel agency; lean and designed to suit the needs of your 21st-century clients using 21st-century technologies.