Contributing to its customers’ happiness is the supreme reward a company can get. In this testimonial, we felt our customer’s joy of being flexible and free in her day-by-day work while using Travelport Mobile Agent, and we wanted to share it with our readers as well.

“Due to Travelport Mobile Agent, I have certainly lightened my load when away from the office. Prior to using Mobile Agent, I carried my laptop with me almost everywhere. As a small business owner, I cannot afford to not be available should my clients need immediate assistance while traveling.

Travelport Mobile Agent has given me the option of being there for them with only my iPad or iPhone! It’s even come in quite handy with my own personal travels. I’ve never understood how other travel consultants manage without a GDS. Now, having Worldspan available on these lighter, compact devices has given me even greater flexibility and freedom.

I can’t imagine how I ever managed without Travelport Mobile Agent!”

Alicia Lyttle, Travel Consultant @ Advanced Travel