Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding is the newest technology that helps airlines presenting their services in a visually and innovative way to the travel agents.

As a company focused on innovation, TTS integrated this technology in two of our solutions, mainly Travelport Mobile Agent and TTS Web Agent.

But what does that mean for the travel agents?

By adopting Travelport’s Rich Content and Branding we want to enable a more comprehensive and graphical display of the fare conditions allowing travel agents to easily check, compare and communicate the benefits and restrictions of each price to their clients.

What other benefits are there for the travel agents?

They can have access to other available fares in flight combinations, making it easy for them to quickly show other pricing options either on mobile devices or on laptops / desktops with TTS Web Agent.

In a nutshell, travel agents can enjoy the same experience when learning more about a price at the office with Smartpoint, on the go with Travelport Mobile Agent and at home with TTS Web Agent.

The goal was to provide you, the travel agents, with a tool that truly meets your needs and helps you increase productivity no matter where you are. Hope you enjoy it!


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