As a part of our company mission, we always thrive to keep our solutions updated. To do this, we have an amazing software research and development team. We also count on the feedback from the thousands of clients we have worldwide to make sure everything surpasses standards.

This time, we focused our strength on TTS Corporate, a corporate booking tool used by thousands of travel agencies and their clients worldwide.

TTS Corporate

New search model

With this new update, you get a faster response when searching for trips. This is will impact all companies, from those with fewer travelers to those with thousands. For companies with thousands of travelers, this update makes it easier to search their names. On the other hand, for companies with less than 25 travelers, you can look at the full list without having to type their names.

Better layout for mobile

Search, book, and manage your trips from anywhere with a responsive interface better than ever! With the evolution of times, more and more people use their phones to work. With a great responsive interface, you can access TTS Corporate on any mobile browser and do your daily tasks on the go.

Added GTP supplier remark to PNR

Now the PNR is automatically updated with the GTP supplier remark. This way, you can track your GTP bookings in a much easier and more effective way.

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