A surprising number of people have never had the opportunity to utilize a travel agent or travel agency. This however is a huge missed opportunity as travel agents are experts when it comes to navigating the travel industry and can make planning your vacation move from a chore to a delight. But what are some of the six major reasons why you should pick a travel agent from a travel agency? And can they really make navigating the travel industry so much easier?

1. Ease and added value content

One of the biggest reasons to use a travel agent to book your trip is that it is far simpler to have somebody help plan your vacation rather than you having to do it yourself. For instance, you could spend a large amount of time looking for flights, trying to find the best hotels, trying to make sure that they include all the things that you want such as weight rooms, breakfast included or other features, and anything else you want to include on your trip, or you could just tell your travel agent your criteria and let them get to work for you.

In addition, travel agents add value to your vacation.  They often know of more interesting places that are not heavy tourist locations so you can actually experience your vacation and not just be there. Many times they can find the best B & B in an area or even a wonderful agriturismo that will let you live as a local and create lasting memories.

2. Exclusive fares for travel agents

Reason number two you should use a travel agent is one that most people don’t think about and that is exclusivity when it comes to pricing. The reason travel agents can get you a great deal is that they can help boost and direct numbers to hotels, travel groups, agencies, or organizations. To incentivize those travel agents to help place you in those locations they will often offer exclusive experiences and prices that can only be obtained through your agent. That means that not only is a travel agent a service that you can utilize but in many cases, your travel agent will have access to deals and discounts that you don’t have yourself meaning that using your travel agent will actually save you money!

3. Travel agents are always informed

This is a big one that often gets overlooked and that is that your travel agent is always informed. What does that mean? You might have spent the last 6 weeks thinking about that vacation but your travel agent has been spending that same amount of time making sure everything is ready for you and paying careful attention to the news in that area to ensure that nothing is going to stop your perfect vacation. For instance, your travel agent is going to be in the know when it comes to natural or man-made issues that might impact your travel, and not only are they going to be in the know but they can also help provide you with new options in case your plans have to change.

Imagine how little fun it would be having to find a new flight or a new hotel for a last-minute change to your vacation plans due to inclement weather or a man-made disaster. Now think about how much nicer it would be if you called your travel agent and they had already had a backup plan that they were working on your behalf so all you have to do is just sit back and wait for your agent to work their magic. Keeping informed is an important part of their job and it makes your life easier.

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4. You are their priority

This is a nice feature that many individuals don’t consider and that is that you are actually a major priority. So often we feel like we have to do so much to take care of ourselves and that is probably one of the reasons why you might be considering going on vacation. That being the case, if you want to truly relax then it’s an excellent opportunity for you to let somebody else take care of you. Having somebody else to make sure things are booked, reservations are made, restaurants are reserved, and your fun is already scheduled can help take an extreme amount of the tedium out of your vacation and allows you to focus on relaxation and enjoying your vacation.

5. Time-saving

One of the best benefits of using a travel agent is time-saving. The truth is it takes a large amount of time and effort to plan a very good vacation. The more things you want to include in it, the more things you want to do, and the more places you want to see, the better your vacation will be. When you combine all of these things together, it can be quite a few moving parts and quite difficult to work on, especially if you simultaneously have another job that you need to divide your attention with. If you have family or a job, then the last thing you need is to have another part-time job for planning the perfect vacation. Outsourcing this work to a travel agent can let you enjoy it for free and have somebody else do the boring part of your vacation while you and your loved ones enjoy the fun part.

6. Experts

Reason number six is one of the best reasons of all and that is when you hire a travel agent, you’re hiring an expert in the travel industry. You might vacation for fun but your travel agent ensures that your fun is their priority. With years of experience planning trips all over the world for all kinds of people, your travel agent likely has a very good idea of the things that people end up loving along with knowing those things people ended up not enjoying as much. There might be something you were planning to do on your vacation but your travel agent already knows it’s not all it is billed to be. There could be items or elements that you never even considered that are recommended to you by a travel agent since their last few hundred clients went and absolutely adored it. You’re going to be able to get a customized plan designed to make sure that you love your vacation so much that when you’re done the first thing you want to do is schedule your next appointment with your travel agent.

Travel agents are more important than ever. Using their years of experience and expert advice when it comes to the travel industry can help save you money and time, and make sure that this is a vacation that you will always remember.

Article by Kathy Jackson, Account Manager @ TTS