Travel is resuming again after the 2020 pandemic which put an end to travel as it was previously known. This obviously has affected travel-related activities and groups such as travel agencies and tour companies.

In conjunction with the pandemic, the world became more virtual. People become more comfortable and familiar with online access and technology that further enables this virtual world. As such, it is no surprise that something that was previously very popular is now fast turning towards becoming more virtual as it resumes. If you are a travel agent, you may have noticed that your clients are more interested in online booking tools. They are looking for more online methods of planning their travel activities. If you have not noticed it yet, don’t be surprised if you do in the near future. We are witnessing a new era in the travel industry.

The new era in the travel industry

Research suggests that a significant portion of travel brands believe that it is critical that their company move ahead with the digital transformation that has been sped up by the pandemic.

Although travel was paused because of the pandemic, post-pandemic travelers are returning in the thousands. They also look more interested in digitizing as many aspects of travel bookings as they possibly can. This trend is prominent not only in personal travel and tourism but also in business travel. All types of travelers are looking for the convenience that it can add to the life of a busy person.

Travel agents and travel companies need to be well-prepared for what the future may hold so that they do not get left behind. The sense of adventure and other reasons that contribute to people traveling and booking travel is part of human nature. People will continue to travel as they can. However, with the advent of mobile online tools that can almost do what travel agents used to do, it is no wonder that travel agencies might worry about a decline in the customer base. This does not have to happen to you!

How can you be well prepared?

Fortunately, there is a tool available to travel agents that works on Android devices, iOS devices, and also on computers. This tool comes in the form of the Travelport Mobile Agent and the TTS WebAgent. Both integrate seamlessly with the Travelport GDS software that your agency already uses. This post-pandemic travel world represents a new path for the travel industry. Thankfully Travelport Mobile Agent works with Android and iOS devices. For laptops and desktops, the TTS Webagent is available.

You will allow your client to be able to have personal access to a travel agent at any time. This can bring huge advantages as most people still prefer human communication. Therefore a tool that incorporates human communication and speed is a game changer.

It will lead to greater retention and loyalty of your clients. They will have the security of a human face and voice while making travel plans. They will also have a lot of other benefits of mobile applications through Travelport Mobile Agent.

Furthermore, travel agents can improve their service to their clients with this tool. This is because the mobile environment will enable travel agents and travel companies to help their customers in real-time. It removes the need to wait several hours before a response as one would expect from an automated chat box.

Increase your value!

As a travel agent that can provide your clients with the above, you will see an increase in your value. You will have the opportunity of maximizing the opportunities that you have to serve your customers.

Another advantage of these tools is that they can help travel agents inform their customers about new destinations relatively quickly. This helps the clients easily make any necessary changes they may desire.

Technology is changing the way people are traveling today. Travel agents need to keep up with this demand. Currently, technology makes it easy to book plane tickets, hotel accommodations, tour activities, and more very quickly.

This tool will make this transition for you as a travel agent so much easier. You will make your work simpler and more efficient. Many people are using social media these days. An added benefit is that travel agencies can increase their social media presence with this tool. Because it’s easier to add content when you are already on your mobile device. Any travel agent wants to stand out and to achieve this your social media presence needs to be top-notch.


As we recover from the pandemic, contactless technology in the tourism sector has been growing and will continue growing. Tech-empowered travel is here to stay. This emphasizes the need to have the necessary technology. The ability to access the necessary information including tech-driven data will be important for travel agents. Technology will change the way travel agents book and change reservations.

With the world changing, travel agents need to know the importance of technology in the future of tourism. To stand out they need to know they can benefit from the technology-based products that are available to them.

With these tools, travel agents can do this effectively and efficiently with mobile apps and programs. These will completely change the way travel agent works, making it simpler and more efficient for them to work.

Article by Kathy Jackson, Account Manager @ TTS