Where would we be without our cell phones and their oh-so-handy apps? For the casual traveler, there are dozens of apps to choose from that provide information and entertainment. But for the business traveler, the list is a bit more limited. This then begs the question – which ones are the best for business? Let’s look at some that are revolutionizing travel for 2014.

Expensify. This free app is going to make you and your accountant happy.  You can use your phone’s camera to take pictures of receipts and organize them, then import the data to your company’s accounting software for tracking and reimbursement.

Yelp. This app is also free.  When you are on the road in an unfamiliar city, you could head over to the local edition of a famous chain restaurant, or you can sample some of the local options.  Yelp helps you narrow down who to pick based on user reviews.  You can search by type of food, like Italian, or you can plug in the ZIP code of your hotel and search for what is nearby. 

GateGuru. Available in a wide variety of languages, this app helps you keep track of your flights, find places to eat and shop in the airport, and link to rental car agencies in the vicinity.  It’s a free app powered by Trip Advisor.  It’s very handy if your flight gets delayed, or it will be departing from a different gate than your boarding pass states. 

Tripit. Are you left feeling like you are a little here and a little there on your trips, and trying to keep track of it all just adds to the confusion? You can organize all of your flight, hotel, and ground transportation confirmation e-mails into the free Tripit app and it will create an itinerary for you.  You can access it on your computer or your phone, and even send it back home so your loved ones know when to come pick you up again.

Routehappy. Some travelers are a bit choosy when it comes to picking equipment for their flight.  This free app offers a web travel booking option along with a search feature that gives you details like the age of the plane, entertainment amenities on the plane, in flight USB and power options, food, seat arrangements, and length of trip.  It compiles it all into a happiness score.  It also gives you scores and reviews from previous passengers so you can decide what you want to do.

Skype. International travelers will love Skype. It’s been around for a few years, but instead of taking advantage of the chat feature like early adopters did, you can use it to be your mobile voice over internet provider. Instead of buying an international pack for your phone or trying to navigate the confusing landscape of roaming charges, use the free Skype app instead. It allows you to call landline phones as well as other Skype users with ease.

These six apps are some of the best ones you’ll find to make your next business trip a little easier. The apps are all free, so you can test them and try them with no financial investment needed.