For many micro, small, or medium enterprises (MSME) the burden and cost of travel can be enormous. For smaller or medium-sized companies (SMEs), the cost and burden of traveling can be nearly as high as 20% of their revenue. This is particularly true if a company must travel often as a part of its work. This can include meeting vendors, meeting suppliers, setting up supply chains, or a litany of other responsibilities.  These small companies are most at risk of losing big when they engage in corporate travel. But what can be done for MSME travel, and how can travel agencies, travel agents, and the travel industry work to meet the needs of SME travel on the go?

Travel policy

No matter how large or how small your business is, you should still have a travel policy for your company. The travel economy is vast and business travel gets more expensive the smaller your company is as opposed to the larger. Although a larger company may spend more on business travel overall compared to SME travel, the percentage of the cost to the business will be far higher for the SME.

This is even more so if it’s for MSME travel. Micro businesses are typically one to two individuals and the cost of travel for them, although it is only hundreds of dollars, is a far higher percentage than a larger corporate travel venture that may cost thousands. This is why it is important for small businesses that want to get in on travel enterprises and the advantage that travel can bring to a business to talk with travel agencies and travel agents.

Travel agents and travel agencies cannot only help develop an MSME travel policy for you, but they can also help share tips and tricks for ensuring it’s followed, if you choose to go with a travel agent or a travel agency, they can also help enforce your policy guidelines. This is a huge boost to any corporate travelers or micro, small, or medium companies because no matter whom from your company travels, you know they will all be following the same travel rules which not only helps ensure the regulations are kept but also that the cost of travel does not exceed the budget.



Travel agents

It may seem strange for travel buyers from micro, small, or medium companies to think that they should have travel agents but not only does this give the added protection for your travel policies and help make sure they are followed and enforced, but also will help give you access to better solutions through your travel agent like TTS Corporate.

Having a travel agent offers huge benefits to any business and one of them is that they’re able to use solutions like TTS Corporate which is a simple and easy booking solution used by travel agencies to give fast bookings to travelers while simultaneously working to enforce your travel policies. For instance, perhaps in your travel policy, you have dictated certain hotels or price caps for where an individual must stay or a certain airplane class like a coach or economy class that they must fly. Your travel agent, backed up and supported by TTS Corporate, can help ensure that those rules are met. This means that when an SME travels, the business will save money and be able to have reliable, predictable travel costs and expenses. Especially when a business is small, any deviation in cost can be potentially disastrous.

No matter how good a travel agent or travel agency is, they will not always be open or necessarily available, especially at the wee hours of the night for those travel buyers who never sleep. But you can still book flights while maintaining your corporate travel policy by going through your travel agent’s TTS Corporate. TTS Corporate allows for 24/7 access to flights through the platform while simultaneously allowing you the freedom to be able to book yourself.


Executive-level tools for MSME-level enterprises

The forward progress of technology allows for the very tools used by multibillion-dollar corporations to also be easily accessible for SME travel. Perhaps you are a micro, small, or medium enterprise and don’t think you can afford the kind of quality travel agent or quality travel agencies as the big guys. Well, that is where you would be wrong, as even small travel agencies, sometimes as small as a single individual, have access to the same powerful tools like TTS WeBook and TTS Corporate that the big multimillion-dollar travel agencies use.

They also have solutions like Travelport Mobile Agent. Travelport Mobile Agent is a huge boon to travel agents and travel agencies of all sizes as the tool is a 24/7 travel agent assistant technology. It allows travel agents for businesses of any size to be able to help customers, rebook flights, and be in contact with their clients 24/7 using the mobile application on their smartphone or tablet. This means that if your MSME travel doesn’t have an executive-level budget, you can still use executive-level tools through a smaller, more affordable travel agency.


MSME travel is only going to continue to grow and if you want your small business to survive in the travel economy, then finding good travel agents and good travel agencies who will support your corporate travel policies is a must. As your company does more business travel, it is important to know that you are supported by travel agents who are using the same powerful tools as larger and wealthier companies. With Travelport Mobile Agent, TTS Corporate, and TTS WeBook, not only will your travel policies be supported but you and your business will be, too. Let your travel agents help save your small company a small fortune as you build your enterprise into the future.

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