The Impact of Technology on Travel

“Technology has always helped us in our day-to-day life. It has changed our lives in every field. If we talk about transport, airplanes can help us reach the places that are unable to go on foot. Several other things like computer, mobile and much more has made us change the way we work, buy, sell and basically every aspect of our life. It has proved as a boon to our lives. Its impact in the travel sector is tremendous.”

Moreover, “the growth of Mobile Technology in the tourism industry has helped a lot the people, and the development in ecommerce has made a good impact on tourism and travel industry as customers can view and choose various travel options by surfing the internet through their mobile phones. The emergence of new and high tech mobile phones has allowed a user to access internet and book online.” 

Another important step in travelling was made by the Global Distribution System – the single point of contact used for reservations for airlines, car rentals, hotel rooms for reservation. Although it was earlier developed by airlines to make the work easy and fast and used majorly by them, nowadays it is used by OTA, travel agents and large business houses worldwide.” 

TTS’ take: As one can guess, we all love traveling. Getting out and seeing the world is reinvigorating. However, while traveling is a great stress reliever, setting up a holiday can be a pain. We’d like to add the fact that setting up a holiday can be a pain not only for the traveller, if he chooses to go through the planning-booking process by himself, but also for the travel agent, if he doesn’t have the right tools to adapt to the quantity and rapidity of travellers’ requests.

And here is where another important step in travel technology was made.  

More and more emerged the need to come up with an innovative solution that could solve the hustle of planning a trip, with 24/7 access and instant feedback. Nowadays, savvy travelers expect personalized service, a comfortable, carefree experience. When travel agents deliver that, they build customer loyalty. That’s why, Travelport Mobile Agent was conceived: to allow travel agents doing business “on-the-go”, anytime, anywhere, with their personal smartphones and tablets, all these resulting in a faster response to customers and with the comfort and security that only a familiar voice can offer. 

All in all, technology within the travel and tourism industry has had a major impact on improving the business communication process. 

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