The value of user-friendly Corporate Booking Tools

As businesses recover from the pandemic lows for travel, it is becoming ever more important for them to have access to excellent travel booking resources. While some smaller businesses are scrambling to find reliable travel agents who can provide them with the same kinds of deals and influence that businesses enjoyed in the past, larger organizations or corporations who choose to handle things in-house are having to find, retrain, hire, or re-familiarize their corporate travel managers and corporate travel agents with the process. You might even wonder after all this time what is a corporate travel manager.

A corporate travel manager is usually an internal employee who directs all business trips for the entire company and the respective travel program, whilst an external resource, who is not in the staff’s company, is called a corporate travel agent. But, you ask, what do they do? They set the corporate travel policy, handle the duty of care and risk management, and help the company navigate global business travel efficiently and effectively.

A corporate travel manager or your corporate travel agent is the person who is ultimately responsible for the well-being of your corporate traveler, helping them to navigate the travel industry and making sure that every aspect and angle is covered when it comes to corporate travel. When individuals need to travel for business it is a poor use of their time and talents to have them work on booking their trips. Not only that but simply having an individual try to utilize a corporate booking tool or user-friendly software for booking trips will not always result in the best prices or the best deals compared to an individual who has experienced such as your corporate travel agent. Ultimately, businesses have found that they save time and money, and make sure that things fall into a predictable budgeting range if they choose to utilize a corporate travel manager/agent and user-friendly software for corporate booking tools. But why not just use some of the readily accessible tools online and not go with an agent or manager?

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User-friendly software is not a luxury

TTS Corporate has purposefully designed user-friendly software for use in corporate booking. While a corporate manager may be better suited to utilizing this kind of software simply because they will have more experience, the truth is TTS Corporate has developed extremely user-friendly software. That means that even somebody who is untrained in the corporate booking field can effortlessly utilize TTS Corporate’s software to a similar level of proficiency as a travel agent. By making the software extremely easy to use, individuals can access deals and options that are simply not even available for people utilizing standard booking tools like Google, Kayak, or even going through an airline directly. That is a huge boost to the efficiency of your business as easy corporate traveling and simply designed software will allow you to access greater deals.

Corporate travelers shouldn’t have to learn to book

Another crucial aspect is, of course, the learning curve. That same user-friendly software that can help save you money will also help save you time. If employees are having to spend days or even weeks figuring out how a booking tool even works, that is time that they are not going to be spending doing their job. While it is important to make sure that things get booked correctly, you do not want to detract an extreme amount of time from your employees’ day by having them try to learn to utilize a new type of software or program. Not only is this an inefficient use of employee time but if they are trying to figure it out while at work you are also paying for them to be learning the skill as well. Instead, you could utilize a simple corporate booking tool like TTS Corporate. Booking good trips takes time and skill and for individuals who are not familiar with constructing trips, agendas, and being mindful of international time zones, it can be extremely time-consuming. And, it could potentially put the entire trip in jeopardy if even one piece is not built and designed correctly. But TTS Corporate makes planning and booking simple. If for any reason plans or destinations do need to change, TTS Corporate makes rebooking simple and affordable.

TTS Corporate is as simple as it gets

TTS Corporate will put their program up against anyone as the booking tool is as simple as it gets. Having access to the same kinds of deals that your travel agent offers, easy pivoting in case there’s a need to change, a booking tool so simple that individuals can use it with little difficulty, and little training all help make TTS Corporate one of the best pieces of software on the market for industries and companies that are getting back into corporate business travel. Many statistics and studies show that corporate travel is coming back quickly and is likely to be back to, or even surpassing, pre-pandemic levels within the next two years. By taking an opportunity to be able to get this type of software and familiarize employees with it, you and your business will be ahead of any competitor who still chooses to try and utilize online meetings only when what is required is a personal touch.

With TTS Corporate you can finalize business deals, make arrangements, and send your employees anywhere in the world easily, conveniently, and affordably, and you can track and monitor all those expenses for easy accountability and tax purposes. With so much convenience from a program so easy to use, and so many benefits that go directly to the bottom line of your business, why not try out TTS Corporate today?

Article by Kathy Jackson, Account Manager @ TTS

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