As modern travel agents, you know the importance of having ready access to all the necessary tools of your trade whether you are in the office or on the go. You depend on the industry software you use at your office desk – or laptop to be as seamlessly accessible and usable on your smartphone and tablet at all times.

Your anywhere tools

Pause for a few moments and consider how you and your travel agency benefit through integrated technology

  • In the office: travel agencies like yours are using desktop technology like Travelport Smartpoint. Using Travelport Smartpoint’s advanced point-and-click technology, agents can more quickly and easily search for and book reservations. The advanced search and filter functions make it easier to find better fares. Smartpoint is easy enough for a new agent to quickly learn and robust enough for the experienced agent who handles highly complex travel arrangements.
  • On the go: you simply aren’t mobile unless you can easily access your GDS with your mobile device while you’re picking up a coffee, waiting at the airport for your flight, or commuting on the train or bus. The Travelport Mobile Agent is the user-friendly ‘go to’ application for travel agents when working away from the office. Just a simple app tap connects mobile travel agents with the same full technology used at the office and without the need to carry the laptop.

The Travelport Mobile Agent gives you instant access to bookings and data on a 24/7 basis, making your iPhone, Android smartphone or tablet an even more convenient and powerful tool than ever.

Imagine arranging a last minute flight booking or cancellation for a client any time and from any place.  Changes in itineraries, service upgrades, or booking emergency travel are easily accomplished with the Travelport Mobile Agent app. As one travel professional put it:

“I have been using the Travelport Mobile Agent for 2 years now.  I absolutely love it.  It makes checking for flights simple..right at your fingertips.  I have used it in a pinch to book a last minute hotel for myself while on the road.  It also makes it so simple to cancel a hotel you might not need.  Being an “Apollo” girl since 1979, I am comfortable using these formats and know how to get my answer in a very quick way.  I also escort a number of trips each year and when delays, etc. occur, it is wonderful to just pull out my phone and strategize about what the next move will be. I recently was at a Rotary meeting and one of my fellow Rotarians had a death in the family and needed to fly out west to the funeral.  I was able to pull out my phone and get her booked…just like that!  I remember her saying to me…”that’s a handy little thing you have there!”  That sums it up perfectly to me….I always have my travel agent tool in my purse and how cool is that!”Sue McCloskey |Executive VP Travel at AAA NW Ohio

  • From your home: there’s no denying the convenience of smartphones but when you are working from home, the TTS Web Agent enables you to continue working on the same tasks using your laptop, desktop, or even your big screen TV. TTS Web Agent offers the same features and usability of the Travelport Mobile Agent app and Smartpoint desktop technology. Only now, you are accessing those features from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Integrating your travel tools

The real power of Smartpoint, Travelport Mobile Agent, and TTS Web Agent is that they are fully integrated. You don’t have to mentally shift gears from one device and technology to another – the transition is virtually seamless.

They enable you to provide your clients with the most up-to-date information and efficient service when, where, and how they need it.