NextGen travelers are no longer a segment that can be ignored until later. The travel market is dominated by NextGen travelers and Millennials, both of whom are famous for their use of technologies in creating unique, differentiated, and innovative adventures. These travelers are always on the search for new opportunities and they keep looking out for personalized travel enhancements.

Traditional travel agents often tended to ignore travel technology. But, with the number of Smartphone users expected to cross the 2 billion mark by the year 2016, ignoring the importance of being tech savvy can prove to be quite perilous for any travel agent, irrespective of its scale of operation or size. Technology for travel agents has altered in a big way and it has actually changed the perspective of the modern-day traveler.

It is no longer enough for travel agencies to have a physical presence. They must now look at conquering the world of online travel and divert energies and resources to building up their online presence. Things like creating a website, making it user-friendly and easy-to-use, offering online flight booking solutions, and integrating an online travel booking engine software can help a travel agent differentiate itself from the rest of the competition.

The advent of travel booking solutions such as the TTS WeBook has also gone a long way in making things simpler for travel agents. These solutions are easy to use and easy to install. They are perfect for small and medium-scale operators because they meet the basic needs of a travel agent without adding a major financial burden on the organization. In fact, integrating an internet booking engine for travel agencies onto one’s website is as simple as embedding a YouTube video.

Having a website is just the first step to becoming tech-savvy. Travel agencies must also look at becoming active on social media. Social media networks play a huge role in improving an agency’s customer service solutions. They allow the agency to engage its travelers and connect with them on a personal level. Another benefit of solutions such as TTS WeBook is that they can be embedded into the Facebook page of the travel agent as well.

Ultimately, becoming a successful travel agent in today’s technology-driven world isn’t just about customer service, a physical presence, and specialization. It also involves keeping abreast of the latest changes in technology and offering clients the latest technological features. Connecting with customers is easy, provided a travel agency has access to the right travel tools.

Travelport Mobile Agent is one of the solutions that makes things more flexible and mobile for travel agents and helps them become more tech-savvy in the eyes of their customers.

Present-day travelers are always online. These individuals are constantly sharing their experiences on social media and they are famous for being tech-savvy. Thus, the competitive edge always goes out to agents who manage to capitalize on travel technologies and offer their customers customized services, an online air booking engine, up-to-date communication tools, and specialized travel experiences.

There is simply no going back. And considering how slow, costly, and inefficient travel solutions were in the good old days, why would any mobile travel agent want to go back to the immobile world anyway?