It should come as no surprise that the Middle East is filled with citizens who want to travel. Many have enough income and time to be able to book fantastic adventures and business travel trips. Travel agents are boosted by the advances in technology that let them take care of all of these travel wants and needs.

The growth potential in the Middle East is phenomenal, and travel agents who are willing to set up online agencies can seize the opportunity to start attracting a lot of business. The younger generations are some of the drivers of this new growth potential, and they are far more tech-minded than their forefathers are. The dramatic increase expected in internet bookings will be fueled by these younger travelers who comprise 60% of the overall population in the region. How young are they? Half are under 25 and buy more tablets and smartphones than other generations do and use social media for their information (Chebib, 2014).

Economically speaking, Middle Easterners will comprise almost 81 million people traveling abroad by the year 2030, and those travelers will have an additional disposable income to spend in the regions to which they travel. Many of these trips are taken to other Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. These two countries combined will have over 125,000 hotel rooms available by 2016, and occupancy rates are expected to be as high as 80%. (Chebib, 2014) 

A recent study conducted by Euromonitor International found that online travel bookings for Middle Eastern travelers grew 4% in just one year – 2013 to 2014. Travel agents who can adapt and market accordingly are poised to reach the nearly half of Middle Eastern travelers who use their smartphones to work on at least some of the aspects of their trip, and nearly 85% of business travelers used their mobile apps. A staggering 62% used them every time they traveled for business. That adds up to a lot of business-to-business (B2B) transactions! (Chebib, 2014)

Internet bookings are very popular in the Middle East and are gaining in popularity each year. Euromonitor International expects this trend to increase 5% year over year (Chebib, 2014). Yet, finding ways to convert flights to full packages is one of the ways that a business travel expert can be of greatest assistance, particularly when helping his or her client find a hotel room. Making it easy to pay for the trip is another one of the key tricks to making each booking successful.

If you are looking for a way to boost your business, consider using travel technology in the Middle East. Even with internet searches leading the way, a travel agent is still the best resource for making the complete trip package possible.

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