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As a travel agent, your primary objective is to provide your clients with the best travel experience possible. That’s why we, TTS, work hard to constantly improve our software, so you can book and manage travel arrangements for your clients quickly and efficiently. This post will cover the latest updates to TTS Products, designed to make travel booking easier and help you provide excellent customer service.

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TTS WebAgent Updates

  • The new TTS WebAgent App brings you prices up to 30% lower, more search results, and a new user-friendly graphical interface.

Last month, we introduced the TTS WebAgent Mobile App, a powerful extension of our TTS WebAgent platform to mobile devices.

With TTS WebAgent Mobile App, an AI-powered search engine, travel agents can now enjoy up to 30% lower prices, while benefiting from an impressive 30% increase in available flight options. Moreover, travel agents gain access to a powerful tool that combines a cryptic terminal and a graphical interface, NEO. This significant enhancement revolutionizes the way travel agents find and book flights, ensuring a more expansive and cost-effective travel experience right at their fingertips. TTS WebAgent Mobile App is available for iOS and Android.

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TTS Corporate Updates

  • Migration of TTS Corporate to Amazon Web Services (AWS), enhancing user security;
  • Improved TTS Corporate’s overall performance with a focus on user satisfaction.
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In May, the migration of TTS Corporate to Amazon Web Services (AWS) was successfully completed. With this transition to AWS, users can now fully experience TTS Corporate upgraded platform, and enjoy faster search capabilities, resulting in quicker access to vital information. The advanced infrastructure of AWS has significantly improved the performance and security of TTS Corporate, allowing for smoother navigation and an overall enhanced user experience. We are excited to witness the positive impact of this migration, as it sets the stage for even greater security, efficiency, and innovation in the future of TTS Corporate.

The recent updates to TTS Corporate have also focused on minor bug fixes and improving user satisfaction. Our team has been dedicated to resolving minor issues and incorporating valuable feedback from users. By prioritizing user satisfaction, we aim to deliver a more reliable and efficient experience with TTS Corporate.

TTS Consolidator Updates

  • User satisfaction has remained a top priority, with a focus on enhancing the overall performance of TTS Consolidator;
  • Exciting new features and enhancements are on the horizon for TTS Consolidator, promising even greater value for our users.
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Over the past three months, our team has been dedicated to resolving minor bugs in TTS Consolidator and addressing user feedback, ensuring a smoother and more reliable experience for our valued customers. With every bug fix, we kept user satisfaction at the forefront of our minds, striving to enhance the overall performance of TTS Consolidator. But that’s not all – we are excited to share that there are big things on the horizon for TTS Consolidator. Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil exciting new features and enhancements, taking TTS Consolidator to the next level and providing even greater value for our users.

The latest updates to our TTS Products have been tailored to empower travel agents in booking and managing travel arrangements for their clients with speed and efficiency. With the new TTS WebAgent mobile app, the migration of TTS Corporate to Amazon Web Services, and the enhancement of the overall performance of TTS Consolidator, you can streamline the travel search and booking process, providing your clients with the best travel options possible. We hope you enjoy these updates, and invite you to learn more about them on our website and discover the full range of benefits they offer.