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As a travel agent, your primary objective is to provide your clients with the best travel experience possible. That’s why we, TTS, work hard to constantly improve our software, so you can book and manage travel arrangements for your clients quickly and efficiently. This post will cover the latest updates to TTS Products, designed to make travel booking easier and help you provide excellent customer service.

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TTS WebAgent Updates

  • Low-Cost Carriers launched in TTS WebAgent;
  • New TTS WebAgent Desktop layout.

Since the TTS WebAgent relaunch, we have been working hard to upgrade the TTS WebAgent experience. Several usability developments have been implemented over the past three months to upgrade your workflow, which we achieved by resolving minor bugs but also significantly improving the design of TTS WebAgent.

But the aesthetics are just the beginning, the functionality is where it truly shines. With the inclusion of Low-Cost Carriers (LCC), TTS WebAgent now offers an extended range of travel possibilities, ensuring you’re equipped with the best flight options to delight every client.

TTS Corporate Updates

  • NDC content from Travelfusion;
  • Minor bug fixes.
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We’ve implemented critical bug fixes to enhance the stability and reliability of our systems.

But we didn’t stop there. In February, we proudly launched NDC content from Travelfusion in TTS Corporate, setting a new standard for corporate travel. This groundbreaking integration means access to an even wider range of airline content and more competitive rates, allowing travel agents to offer personalized and cost-effective travel solutions.

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TTS Consolidator Updates

  • Multi-Factor Authentication.

Understanding the importance of security in the digital landscape of travel management, last month, we integrated Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in TTS Consolidator. This new feature is more than an upgrade, it’s a commitment to safeguarding transactions and data with the latest security protocols.

MFA will serve as an essential layer of security, guarding against unauthorized access and ensuring that the agency’s and customers’ information remains protected. The implementation of MFA is a testament to our dedication to security, providing peace of mind in an era where digital safety is paramount.

Travelport Mobile Agent Updates

  • Better usability by resolving minor bugs.
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Travelport Mobile Agent Mockup

In the last three months, we’ve focused on improving the usability of Travelport Mobile Agent, by addressing minor bugs, ensuring a smoother experience for travel agents working remotely. Our commitment is to continue to provide you with an application that supports all your on-the-go needs.

As we look back at the advancements across the TTS products, it’s clear that our journey is marked by a pursuit of excellence. From the new interface of TTS WebAgent to the boosted security protocols in TTS Consolidator and the expanded content through TTS Corporate, each update is a step forward in our mission to transform travel technology. These updates are not just about keeping pace with the industry, they’re about setting the pace. We invite you to explore these new features, experience their benefits, and join us in shaping the future of travel.