TTS Web Agent Allows You to Access Your GDS from Home

TTS Web Agent offers an intuitive experience focused on providing travel agents with a web-based easy and fast GDS work environment for desktops and laptops.

To translate its functionalities, TTS Web Agent is Travelport Mobile Agent experience now on the desktop, running on Windows, Linux, and Apple Macintosh. This solution is a result of users’ many requests and it comes to complete a travel agent’s full experience, of having the right device at the right time: office computer with Travelport Smartpoint, Travelport Mobile Agent running on Apple and Android devices when on the move and then TTS Web Agent when the travel agent is using a desktop or laptop outside the office.

Some of its features include:

 Full integration with Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan GDS cores

 Runs on Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux

 Travel agents can access and view two terminal windows at the same time

 Window history feature that allows the user to browse through previous screens, being able to view all content, select text, copy, print, email and type commands.

  Access to a news feed with stories and news from the travel industry’s most relevant magazines


You cannot miss the intro video of TTS Web Agent!

For all Travelport Mobile Agent users, this solution is free and you can start using it now at webagentapp.tts.com.

TTS Web Agent was developed by TTS Lab, our R&D company in the Azores, with the support of Proconvergencia Açores, Governo dos Açores and FEDER.

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