Travel should be a relaxing activity. It is claimed that going offline helps a lot, especially if you’re on holiday. However, for all the techies out there (but not only), who are actually looking for technology to maximize their vacation and reduce stress, here are four important tech to use:

1. Apps

There are so many apps created specifically for the mobile users that you should definitely take a look at. Then there are the apps, the versions of the sites like TripAdvisor or SeatGuru that help you find restaurant or choose an airplane seat. 

(Tip: Check if your bank has an app, very very useful!)

TTS’ Take: The same way travellers are now equipped with dozens of great apps, travel agents are also mobile thanks to Travelport Mobile Agent, an app that allows them to access the GDS no matter where they are, providing them the possibility to service their travellers faster and more efficiently.

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2. USB Battery Pack

Imagine you’re backpacking in Australia, or trekking in Madeira, and all of a sudden you’re dropping out of battery on your camera. On top, there’s no bar or a house nearby to plugin your charger. What will you do? If you had brought with you the USB battery pack, you’d be back “in power” in no time…

(TIP: You may find them with various storage capacities, but if you’re not sure about it, see how much mAH your devices have!)

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3. Cloud Storage

Accessing hard drive space from everywhere gives you so much more flexibility, storage space and comfort! What if your laptop gets stolen? Having your photos and private documents backed up on an extra hard drive is a must. You just need WiFi! To give you an idea, Google has a cheap monthly fee of $5 for 100 GB of storage.

4. Unlocked Phone

Unlock your phone and buy national pre-paid SIM cards! It is much cheaper than using the roaming service. However, you can always buy an extra unlocked phone to use it all along your journeys.

Don’t think about technology as a time theft of your holiday! Instead, think about bringing with you the right technology, which will size your holiday experience and take the stress out of your life.