The year 2015 kick-started with some far-reaching changes in the world of travel. The World Travel Market Global Trends Report for the year 2014 recently identified the key travel technology trends that are projected to change the way the travel industry shall appear in the future. This report predicts wearable technology to rise from 9 million units in the year 2013 to approximately 180 million units in the year 2016. According to the report, things like peer-to-peer services, in-destination services, big-data analytics, and high personalization are projected to rank among the fastest-growing travel trends in the world of online travel. These trends are also expected to shape the travel industry in the coming five years.

The changes in travel technology are bound to transform the face of search as well. The new technologies should enable travelers to search for things that they really want, things like “beachside resorts with fine dining”, “rooms with views” and “all-inclusive resorts with scuba diving”. Travelers should also be able to search for in-destination offerings using terms like “nice location”, “excellent service” and “quiet location”.

The rise of peer-to-peer services is also bound to delight foodies by offering them an innovative way to look at local cuisines. A number of new startups are pairing travelers with a number of home cooks to allow them to get a whiff of local cuisines and also enjoy an immensely enriching cultural experience.

Studies also show a shift in traveler attitudes. The modern-day traveler always prefers high personalization and in-destination services to standard offerings. Mixing modern designs with high-tech facilities and customizing them according to the preferences of the traveler is the way to go for any travel agent wanting to adjust to the changing travel trends. These concepts are a major hit with single, young, and business travelers, particularly those who belong to Generation Y.

The changing travel technology trends have thrown certain challenges for hotels and travel agents in the year 2015. They need to constantly offer inventive twists and new solutions for accommodations, activities, and amenities offered in holiday packages to ensure that the client keeps coming back for more. One of the biggest innovations now being used by travel agents across the globe is evening incentives. More and more travel agencies are offering their clients amenities and programs that start once the sun goes down. Things like moonlit excursions, after-hours spa access and night skiing are some of the hottest offerings seen today.

Changes in travel technology have also transformed the way modern-day travelers look at their hotel rooms and conference rooms. Several hotels are digitally upgrading their services to offer guests a virtual concierge and high-tech playrooms instead of traditional windowless boardrooms. In-room workouts are also becoming popular for creating a diverse workout experience for guests through personal trainers and yoga classes.

All in all, the vision for the travel industry for the year 2015 is “solving the unsolved” and so is for TTS.