Performance improvements

We call these invisible improvements. From your perspective is almost like nothing has changed. However, the more you use TTS Corporate, the more you notice the improvements in usability and loading times. That is crucial to any software since nowadays we expect our services to meet our needs instantly. In travel software, that’s not always possible since the programs search for thousands and thousands of flight options to help you make the best choice. With this in mind, we focus on making the experience as fast as possible in this context, therefore these performance improvements are a constant in our development process!

UX refinement

User Experience is one of the pillars of software. As users, you expect things to work seamlessly. UX is the science behind any user-friendly software. For example, you shouldn’t have to think about how to book, approve or cancel a trip. It should be instinctual for any user. And that is not always easy. It is a work in progress, and we keep tweaking TTS Corporate‘s UX to reach perfection. These changes are vital to the health of our program and your experience in booking corporate travel.

More content

Content is king! That is true in any industry. But specifically in the travel industry. Your travelers expect to book a trip that meets all of their needs: budget, flight length, or schedules. With our (almost) endless supply of airline carriers, you will always find something to meet your needs! Just this past month, we added dozens of new airlines! The more suppliers, the bigger the possibility to book a trip that meets all your company’s travel policies and that is well-suited for the traveler.

Search rent-a-car per provider

As with all the improvements we do, you are our focus. We work every to answer your needs (even the ones you don’t know you have yet) and exceed your expectations! So, what did we do? We added the option to search for rent a car by provider! That way, you can always book with your favorite carrier the easiest way.

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