Are you a travel agent, and are you finding that nowadays your clients and customers are more inclined to look for even quicker responses than you might have experienced previously? Or maybe you want to boost your productivity simply?Or are you beginning your career as a travel agent? Are you looking to get the upper hand in the market? Then you should know about a product that improves your convenience to your clients, simplifies your life as a travel agent, and increases the value that you can add to their lives. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Read on to learn more about this powerful tool.

Why do you need a mobile booking tool to continue your job as a travel agent

As recent research and analysis have shown, the world is changing, and customers want to make their travel bookings quicker. But they don’t want to compromise the quality of their vacations. Research shows that this technological option is now the preferred way for a lot of travelers.

For instance, 46% of leisure travelers and 61% of business travelers use smartphones to check in for their flights. Also, Mobile phone sales have increased dramatically and have almost reached peak market saturation. This means that within a short period of time, most travelers will prefer mobile methods of managing various aspects of their travel which will include booking and making their travel plans.

Travel agencies must continue to keep up with market trends. This means they must focus on mobile-first solutions. They must invest in mobile-optimized booking solutions, mobile management options, mobile chatting with travel agents, and more. In fact, the more mobile options a travel agent can provide a customer, the better the travel agency will be.

According to research, many guests expect to be able to use mobile options for more things than they previously could. This way the travel industry will also be affected significantly, and already-prepared travel companies will fare well. The market is already being taken over by mobile payment options. They make it a lot easier for many aspects of travel. Mobile options are great solutions for hotel accommodations, tour groups, and airlines to make provisions for clients to pay online.

Travelers also want to have that personalized experience that they get from their travel agent. If something goes wrong on the trip, that familiar face and/or voice on the other side of the phone call will be the reassuring and steady force that will help the traveler through the situation.

Go anywhere. Work anytime.

How is this new technology changing the travel industry?

Has we have seen before, the travel industry as it pertains to travel agents has become more mobile. This might prove to be a challenge for developers in the travel industry. They need to use mobile technology that can be universally applicable to their customers.

This innovative mobile technology must allow travel agents to assist their clients more efficiently. It must be a tool that gives travelers the incentives to turn to travel agents to assist them with things like:

  • Checking and booking flight tickets and hotel accommodations

  • Arranging and organizing trips

  • Planning different activities like sightseeing tours and the like

  • Locating nearby restaurants, shuttle services, banks, etc.

  • Choosing and personalizing travel activities
Travelport Mobile Agent App
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Clients can already do most of these things themselves using their mobile apps. A travel agent must stand out by making these things even better, quicker, and faster for customers. Travel agents must ensure they continue to add value to their customers.

Travel agents require a tool that can increase productivity and simplify their processes. You need a tool that enables you to respond to your clients more quickly than you have been able to in the past. But never compromise the ability for you to personalize your responses to your client’s unique needs.

Every client of yours, as you know, wants a personalized experience. Has a travel agent you must care about making their travel fun and everything they have imagined. Also, if you can make your client feel valued, seen, heard, and cared for, they will keep coming back. Besides, you get the satisfaction of helping someone make their travel dreams come true, which is a reward.

The Mobile Solution that every travel agent should have!

Travelport Mobile Agent it’s a revolutionary mobile booking tool for travel agents and the travel industry because of its mobile booking capabilities and more.

This mobile booking app which can be used on most Android and IOS devices allows travel agents to assist their clients no matter where they are in the world. It makes a travel agent mobile and more attractive to a prospective client. You can plug into Worldspan, Apollo, or Galileo anywhere giving you full freedom!

Additionally, it allows the travel agent to provide around-the-clock customer service to a client without being at the office 24/7. It makes things much more convenient for any travel agent. You will have a tool that does not compromise your personalized time with your client while still allowing you the opportunity and ability to maintain a good work schedule. Travelport Mobile Agent can improve your travel agency business and career both now and in the future.

Travelport Mobile Agent App
Travelport Mobile Agent

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Mobile booking is important for the travel industry now and it will continue to be important in the future. As such, travel agents must start using mobile booking tools like Travelport Mobile Agent. In recent times, mobile booking tools have become more important to add value and flexibility. Travel agents must know how to use booking tools and make it part of their everyday lives. This way they can keep up with the demands of the travel industry, not getting left behind in the future. Travelport Mobile Agent will increase both your service level and your value for the client.