Currently, Travel Agencies face increasing competition from new online agencies. With this in mind, we decided to update our online air booking solution and provide Travel Agents with a powerful and affordable solution to improve their online presence.

Formerly known as TTS Wagency, TTS WeBook is an Internet Booking Engine (IBE) that provides Travel Agencies with an opportunity to have another sales channel with no setup costs by providing a simple and fast online booking process to their customers. Clients can easily search and book flights on the travel agency’s website or Facebook page using rich search and filters or more advanced booking parameters.

TTS WeBook is also quick and easy to integrate with any agencies website or Facebook page and comes with a set of features that allow Travel Agencies to directly manage their settings in a back-office and keep track of registered clients information. With customizable sizes and colors, travel agencies can also adjust TTS WeBook to better fit their brand.

Susana Gonçalves, Product Manager at TTS says: “TTS WeBook was developed keeping in mind that Travel Agencies need to focus in providing the best possible service to their customers. Therefore, instead of investing time and money in expensive and complicated solutions, with TTS WeBook travel agencies are ready to start selling on their website or Facebook page simply by doing “copy-paste” of an iframe. It’s really very easy and quick to implement.”

TTS WeBook supports full integration with all Travelport GDS cores (Apollo, Galileo and Worldspan).