The New version of TTS Consolidator is Now Available

The management and ticketing solution, TTS Consolidator, is a tool that offers credit control to consolidators and ticketing autonomy to non-IATA sub-agencies, thus optimizing the consolidation business processes.

The new design and interface of TTS Consolidator provides a better user experience, which alongside with the new features offer the travel agents great flexibility and productivity without requiring GDS specific knowledge. One of the most important upgrades of TTS Consolidator is the fact that it now supports the Travelport GDS cores – Galileo and Apollo.

A few of the highlights:

·       Availability search that allows travel agents to better serve schedule oriented clients;

·       Additional filters to improve flight results interaction;

·       Settings are customizable per sub-agency allowing complete control of each sub-agency business rules;

·       Fees Management have more parameters available;

·       A sticky PNR block keeps PNR search and quick PNR actions at hand;

·       Sub-agencies balance area which allows the consolidator to easily track and alert his sub-agencies about low credit;

·       Monthly Sales Dashboard in the homepage summarises the current month sales;

·       News section, containing TTS blog articles, provides selected and useful industry related information to keep the user updated with what’s happening in the travel industry, as well as with TTS and its products;

·       And much more, all of them aiming to make your business run smoothly and optimize your business opportunities.


TTS also created a video introducing the new features TTS Consolidator 3.0 offers. To watch, click here: http://r.tts.com/VideoTTSConsolidatorWhatsnew

For a fresh overview of TTS Consolidator 3.0, TTS put at disposal a generic product video: http://r.tts.com/VideoTTSConsolidatorWalkthrough

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